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Yaila Weddle

San Diego, California | United States |

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Sep 2019

"If there's a will, there's a way."

For centuries women have gathered in community to support each other in all levels of each other’s lives. Somewhere along the way we started losing our cultural healing support system. As professional women in a very masculine dominated world, many have started to crave that sistership support system.

Yaila is one of those women. While she has lived around the United States and made many meaningful friendships as she’s grown, one thing kept feeling a miss. She’s been apart of business masterminds, networking groups, marketing events, and a list of classes in health and wellness. All providing very high value and time well spent. But she still found a deeper, core craving.

A craving to feel like she belonged (which she almost never did), and to just have a group of friends with similar values who could let her be her, with no pressure of agenda or expectation other than friendship. Women thrive when they feel safe, when they feel heard, when they can show up and be their authentic selves.

That was the missing piece for Yaila. So she decided to expand her formal training as a certified Health and Wellness Coach, Theta Healer, and Advanced Clairvoyant Healer and Teacher into a sacred space for women to have the container to heal themselves with the support of their Sisters.

Her mission is big and her mission is sacred to help women connect with and heal themselves, so they can be the ripple effect for everyone they meet. Energy doesn’t lie, and it’s powerfully contagious. There’s a deeper drive to help bring better balance between the masculine and feminine energies we navigate on this planet. Yaila believes women, especially communities of women supporting each other, will help up level the collective. If you feel the same resonance, she would love to have you join.

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