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Yelitza Herrera

Katy, Texas | United States |

Facilitator Level:
Level 1 Certified
Member Since:
Mar 2020

“I vow to serve with compassion as we rise together, redefining the meaning of the divine feminine. Sister, I believe the time is now! As it is always in the moment that the magic unfolds with embodied presence and awareness. Here our sovereignty and divinity dances into being!” -Yelitza

As an eternal student of life, Yelitza’s spirit is filled with passion and creativity allowing her to successfully birth ideas into existence. She understands the need to maintain a balance of masculine and feminine within us all, which has allowed her to create a healthy foundation personally and professionally. In trusting the natural order of the continual dance of birth, death, and rebirth, she flows as an active partner in this dance as creator, destroyer and preserver, accepting that in order to make change you must be in harmony with the natural rhythm.

Yelitza’s early life was a battleground of family trauma and toxic relationships, creating a turbulent perception of life within her which contributed to self-destructive actions and substance abuse. Knowing in her heart that a lifestyle change was necessary, she began studying the healing arts of meditation and yoga and soon found this provided her with the true peace she had been seeking. Desiring to dive deeper into yoga and spirituality, she embarked on a 30-day sabbatical to the Sacred Valley of Peru where she experienced a mystical journey while completing her first 200-hour yoga instructor certification. Working through the medicine wheel, connecting to self and immersing in the elements, she discovered a deep connection to Pachamama with plant medicine and had her first experience with the sacred Cacao ceremonial elixirs. This experience initiated her love and connection for Cacao, which quickly became a nourishing personal ritual that she continues to practice today, helping her foster deeper self-connection cultivating heart centered intentions and personal empowerment.

In her professional life, Yelitza has been fulfilled with amazing career opportunities. She has experienced joyful success for the last 12 years as a hairstylist and owner of Stylitza’s Studio in Katy, TX, maintaining a dedicated client base that has become her extended family. In recent years she has expanded into Real Estate in Katy/Houston and surrounding areas as an agent representing buyers and sellers. While she has grown tremendously in her professional pursuits, motherhood has been her greatest role, teacher and anchor allowing her to understand true patience, courage, and resilience.

Yelitza is beyond honored to share sacred sister circle, a safe space to be fully expressive and seen, leveling ourselves up with loving support. Like the Phoenix burning to rise from the ashes, the fire burns bright within her ready to liberate herself and others who are ready, reigniting the divine feminine.
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