Leading In Truth Retreat

A private in-person retreat for coaches, healers, yoga teachers, therapists and other spiritual women on the path of women’s empowerment:

How to Lead Transformational Women’s Circles

to fulfill your soul work as a sacred stewardess in the global sisterhood movement

Bonus: Get paid doing something you love!

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The Next Facilitator Training Retreat is held in

San Diego, CA in May 2017.

An Invitation To Step Into Your Leadership

If you are ready to step into your feminine leadership as your unique essence and create transformational, healing circles where women will be engaged, connected and wanting more, then I have a special invitation for you.

Women everywhere around the world are tired of the old masculine model of self-help seminars, pitch-fests, and lectures, and instead asking for a more feminine container of growth and development.

As more women are waking up to the power of their shakti, or feminine energy, they are searching for women’s circles, gatherings and embodiment experiences where they are able to connect with their bodies, heal past shame and trauma, find their voice, and gain confidence in being a woman. The key to real change on our planet is through the empowerment of women and the time is now!

The truth is, there aren’t enough powerful circles, workshops, and gatherings for the billions of women needing (and asking for) it on the planet.

This is where you come in. If you feel a desire from deep within to empower women, then becoming an embodied transformational facilitator is your key to successfully fulfilling on this sacred soul purpose.

This is who I call The New Generation Feminine Leader

  • She is committed to healing her own ancestral wounding so that she can pave the way for humanity thriving for the next seven generations.
  • She is clear on her mission to help empower women in their healing journey.
  • She is confident in her ability to deliver valuable content, create extraordinary experiences, and hold impeccable space for transformation.
  • She has developed both her ability to be an activator and a nurturer, where she attracts her tribe and takes care of them so they feel safe.
  • She gives others permission to go deep, play their edge and overcome their resistance to change.
  • She owns her worth and is able to create abundance for herself, getting out of scarcity mindset and spiritual poverty.
  • She is in harmony and sync with mother earth, practicing exquisite self-care and honoring her own sacred cycles and rhythms.
  • She is a connector, bringing diverse women together to overcome their differences.
  • She does her own internal work, constantly taking responsibility for herself and her actions.
  • She shows up in her vulnerability, sharing from her heart and not afraid to express her emotions.
  • She seeks to integrate masculine qualities like structure, focus, determination, and warrior-strength into her leadership.
  • She holds sacred ritual space and receives the medicine from circle, giving others permission to open their hearts to receive as well.
  • She knows what she needs and wants and asks for it in a loving way that empowers others.
  • She is a powerful listener, bringing to light people’s brilliance and greatness so they are able to achieve their desires and dreams.
  • Most of all, she is real and authentic as her true self, knowing that people want to be around her and love her because of who is she is, not who she wants them to think she is.

When you step into this role as a sacred stewardess for women’s empowerment, healing, transformation and growth on the planet, magic and miracles happens.

When the New Generation Feminine Leader facilitates circles, workshops, events or gatherings, she is coming from an embodied place, out of her head and rooted in her own transformation, which is what creates a transformational experience for others.

  • You receive deep fulfillment from making a difference.
  • You do satisfying work that energizes you instead of drains you.
  • You get paid doing what you love.

There is nothing that I want more than for you to Lead from your Truth as a New Generation Feminine Leader. I would be honored to activate this sacred power within you so you can fulfill your dharma in the world.

Hi, I’m Tanya Lynn.

For the past 11 years, I have been coaching, facilitating and leading groups of people. My natural strength is to build community and I have started women’s groups all over the globe from London to Mumbai. After leading hundreds of circles, events and workshops myself, I started teaching other women how to lead and facilitate their own.

What I have seen from training facilitators is that most women have been conditioned to doubt themselves and their abilities. They don’t want to their sisters down so they are afraid of leading. And if they are already leading, they don’t fully own their value and worth as a facilitator, so they are afraid to charge money and are struggling to pay their bills.

I have learned two main things from my experience:

  • What facilitation skills and structural elements are required to hold safe, sacred space for real connection, transformation and healing.
  • Who you need to be and what you need to do to have women show up at circle, gladly pay for it, and commit for a longer term program.

This did not come easy. I’ve gone through many failures, heartbreaks, and uncomfortable situations to discover what it takes. You name it, I have witnessed it from women getting in arguments with each other, getting mad at me, and having complete emotional breakdowns. I’ve been an over-giver, depleting myself and my energy, becoming resentful because I wasn’t charging enough. I’ve had to have difficult truth telling conversations. I’ve cried, had meltdowns, and screamed in front of the women I’ve led.

Whatever you may be afraid of happening, I’ve experienced it. And I’ve developed tools to help you smooth out any choppy waters and potentially avoid the discomfort all together.

I’m here to activate your innate, feminine power.

Most of the time, these situations that we fear arise as mirrors of our own inner doubts. So when we step into our truth and claim our role as sacred stewardess, something shifts.

Conflict disappears and powerful women show up. We attract beauty, love and brilliance as a reflection of ourselves.

  • It’s time for you to let go of the illusion that you are not enough.
  • It’s time for you to remember the truth of who you really are.
  • It’s time for you to reclaim your power as a priestess.
  • It’s time for you to rediscover the ancient wisdom that lies dormant in your DNA.
  • It’s your birthright to shine.
  • It’s your destiny to lead.

I’ve always known I was a leader. When I first started doing personal development, I wanted to heal my relationship with my brother and be able to start a business. For over 5 years, I focused on the masculine so that I could produce results and get further ahead.

Something felt off. I was trying to force, control and keep it all together. I was trying to stay strong, but I just couldn’t hold it any longer.

After a meltdown in front of my leadership team, I began to unravel. Everything began to fall apart as I plunged into my dark night of the soul. It felt like I was dying. I realized that everything that I did was in order to prove myself worthy. I didn’t trust that just being was enough. I had to let go of everything to come to nothing and learn that underneath it all, I was worthy simply because I was born.

Circle held me as I let go and surrendered to this process. Circle witnessed me. Circle supported me.

It was through circle that I reclaimed my feminine soul and remembered the truth of who I am. I don’t have to do anything to prove myself. From this place, I can be a conduit for the divine to flow through me and lead others through their own awakening process.

What I want you to know is that you can, too.

When you let go of the illusion that you need to act a certain way and just be yourself, you become free.

When you start to accept your feminine power, you become magnetic.

When you give yourself permission to shine, you become unstoppable.

As soon as you activate and commit to your role as sacred stewardess, learn the skills to hold space effectively, and own the value that your facilitation brings to the world, things start to click into place.

Everything starts to open up. Women flock to you. You start to feel more comfortable in holding space. Your capacity increases to serve even more.

That’s why I’ve created this immersion.  During the 4-Day “Leading In Truth Retreat: Claim Your Sacred Role as a Transformational Facilitator,” we’ll dive deep into learning tools, skills and structures to create transformational experiences so that you walk away feeling confident in your ability to build sisterhood connection and help women heal, grow and be empowered.

Your Biggest Takeaways

Facilitator Certification

After completing The Circle Experience, Leading In Truth Retreat, and completing a 6-week Apprenticeship, you qualify as a certified Sistership Circle Facilitator and have the option to license our curriculum’s so that you will have at your fingertips a proven structure and curriculum to use. Our license is a revenue-share based model so that nothing comes out of your pocket.

Advanced Facilitation Training

Put yourself at ease. You will learn tips, techniques and tools so that you feel confident in your ability to handle any difficult situation that arises in your circle.

Owning Your Worth

I firmly believe that you deserve to get paid doing what you love and that you claim your value as a facilitator so that you are able to making a living doing this work.

How To Create Transformational Experiences

Learn the creative process to wow the women who show up in your circle so that they get value, rave to their friends, and want to come back for more.

Deepened Connection with the Sacred Feminine

Strengthen qualities like receptivity, intuition, and allowance and connect with your own body temple so that you feel embodied and congruent in the work instead of feeling like an incompetent fraud.

Sisterhood Community

Heal your own sisterhood wound and bond with the other women leaders so that you feel supported on your leadership journey, knowing you are not alone, and working on a mission so much bigger than yourself.

Plus all these benefits

  • You’ll learn how to create your own sacred rituals that really work using the 5 elements fire, water, metal, air, and earth.
  • You’ll gain valuable connections with other feminine leaders, creating sisterhood for yourself so you feel supported and held.
  • You’ll leave with a written 90-Day Plan so that you have direction to get started immediately.
  • You’ll feel a new sense of clarity in your soul purpose, which will give you more confidence to take action.
  • You’ll gain experiential wisdom from practicing your facilitation skills in a safe space with positive, constructive feedback from peers and coaching from myself.
  • You’ll learn the secrets to hold sacred space to go deep and eliminate surface level chattiness from your circles.
  • You’ll learn how to receive in all of your circles so you don’t get exhausted from overgiving.
  • You’ll walk away with structure, curriculum, tools, activities, and rituals to use so you never feel at a loss of what to do.
  • You’ll come to understand your feminine cycle so you don’t burn out.
  • You’ll learn techniques and tools to avoid cross talk and what I call “hijacking” from know-it-alls.
  • You’ll experience your own depth, which will help you to be able to take others deeper.
  • You’ll learn how to get all the women in circle to share and be fully engaged in the experience.
  • You’ll naturally increase turnout at your events and the secret to getting powerful, raving testimonials.
  • You’ll increase your personal capacity to hold space for larger gatherings and attract more powerful women.
  • You’ll feel a deeper sense of self-worth so you make money doing your sacred soul work as a facilitator.
  • You’ll feel freed up to shine without shame or apology.
  • You’ll be so full of inspiration, ideas, tools and knowledge that you’ll be itching to get home and hold a circle right away!

Think about it … when you feel excited about what you are offering, knowing it will be a powerful, transformational experience, you naturally want to share it with everyone you know. This is the power of embodied facilitation; you know it in every cell of your body so it feels like you’ve been doing it for lifetimes … and the truth is, you probably have been!

When you are aligned with and passionate about what you are doing, it’s contagious. This is what will get women to come out of the woodwork to your events. Women you don’t even know will show up and not even know how they got there. They simply felt magnetized and drawn in by your energy. This is the key to attracting women and filling your circles!

Logistics for our all-inclusive luxury retreat

Retreat Location

Our retreat is held at the gorgeous, luxury Upper Meadow Lodge on Palomar Mountain, East of San Diego. The lodge can hold up to 20 women comfortably and is situated on a 50 acres property. Enjoy a jacuzzi, breathtaking views of San Diego city, nature walks, medicine wheel, circle of cedar trees, sun decks, and forest.

Closest Airport

The closest airports are SAN and LAX, both about 2 hours away from our retreat location. If you fly into SAN, we will have ride shares available. Please Note: transportation is not included in your investment.

Start and End Times

Opening ceremony starts at 4pm on Thursday and closing ceremony concludes at 12pm on Sunday. 


Every woman will have her own bed and there are plenty of bathrooms. First come first serve for private rooms. The Lodge is gorgeous with a HUGE front room for yoga, dancing and connecting.

Gourmet Meals

We will have a chef prepare organic, healthy meals for our group with plenty of snacks to sustain us throughout the day. You will receive dinner Thursday, breakfast/lunch/dinner on Friday and Saturday, plus breakfast/lunch on Sunday. We will be able to accommodate all gluten-free and/or vegan restrictions as well as allergies.  All water is sourced from a well on the land.

Free Time

While our schedule is full, we have built in enough free time for you to reflect and integrate what you’ve learned. You have access to a jacuzzi, forest and sun decks to relax and be in nature.

Here’s what you’re going to master

Embodying Your Unique Leadership Essence

There is no one like you out there; the world needs what only you have to offer. When you get clear on who you are in your unique brilliance, you come fully into alignment with your leadership potential. This is when you soar. You will connect with the defining moments that have made you who you are today, discover your North Star to guide you when you forget who you are as a powerful leader, and be able to share your story that creates credibility and vulnerability so women connect with you.

Ownership of Your Role

Women are waiting for you to lead them, it’s up to you to step up and claim your sacred role as a stewardess. They will trust you, open up to you, and go deep within themselves when you own that you are the facilitator of sacred space. Each evening, we’ll perform an archetypal ritual to embody three different facets of feminine leadership, helping to activate these sacred qualities within you.

The Sistership Circle Proven 12-Week Curriculum

You’ll have the opportunity to practice leading our curriculum so you feel like it is your own and walk away knowing you have something that is solid, proven and trustworthy to offer your community. Using this curriculum as a foundation, you’ll also learn how to tap into your creativity to modify and create your own if you so choose.

Holding a Solid Container and Structure for Transformation

You will learn the various components that make up a solid container for your circles and gatherings and what to avoid so it doesn’t become “wobbly” and unstable, which is when women don’t show up, leave and disconnect. You’ll learn tools to create safety, release triggers, handle upsets, restore integrity, and more.

Creating Sacred Rituals, Processes and Experiences

When you create an experience for women with rituals and processes, that’s when the transformation happens. Engagement increases and women open up for even greater healing. It can be scary to hold space for these because what’s on the other side is a mystery. You will go through many rituals and processes yourself that you can use in circle and you’ll learn how to create your own that have a powerful effect.

Creating Community Connection

Women are craving deeper connection with one another and this is why they come to circle. They want to know they are not alone and that they are supported. You will learn the components that create a community that empowers, supports and celebrates one another. You will learn how to create immediate connection and rapport amongst the women and how to make it long-lasting.

Honing Your Intuition and Reading the Energy of a Room

What’s going to make you the most effective facilitator is being able to respond appropriately to the energy of the group. You have to develop your intuition to read the room and the women in it. During our retreat, you will receive powerful tools to learn how to tune in and read the energy plus you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice and hone your skills so you don’t step over anything in your circle.

Cycles and Rhythms of the Sacred Feminine

We’ll be doing our training at a very sacred site in the mountains where indigenous people used to hold circle in a circle of ancient cedar trees. I’ve selected this site so that you can tune in with nature and sync up with the cycles and rhythms of mother earth. You’ll also learn how to plan your circles according to the Moons & Seasons as well as honor your natural cycles and rhythms so you feel most vibrant and energetic when you lead.

Ready to go all in?

The women with most success as a facilitator take the leap of faith, trusting their inner guidance that led them to Sistership Circle in the first place. This is a huge opportunity to get trained in facilitation, make money while feeling fulfilled in your purpose, use our platform as a “launch pad” for putting your name out there in the world, and build a powerful network of other like-minded women leaders.

The Investment

The ROI on your Investment

My intention is to empower you to get paid for facilitating circles. So let’s do the math: If you have a full circle of 12 women, you can earn $3240 – $3600. If you run 4 circles per year, you can earn more than $12,960 annually. While you don’t have to stop there, that’s over a 500% ROI!

If you are leading a 12-week circle, that’s 2.5 hours a week or 30 hours total for the program. That’s $108/hr if you have a full circle of 12 women!

Plus These Bonuses:

And that’s not all … I’m also including the following bonuses so that you can get started right away and have the most success from our training together.

These 3 bonuses are worth $2788.

Bonus #1

There are two steps to become a certified Sistership Circle facilitator: Our 4-Day Retreat Training + The Circle Experience. We will be offering this program virtually for all women who sign up for the Retreat Training so that you have completed all prerequisite training for your certification.

If you have already participated in a local or virtual circle, you are more than welcome to take it again to connect deeper with the women in your training and gain more experience of the curriculum.

$797 value

Bonus #2

As soon as you register, you will have access to our membership to support you in hosting local monthly gatherings. You will receive a monthly curriculum, tools and tips from myself and guest mentors, access to our Facilitator Toolbox which includes meditation, visualizations, activities, rituals and processes to use in your circles, plus connection with other facilitators all over the world.

$297 value

Bonus #3

After completion of the Training Retreat, I want to make sure you have a road map to get started, tools for marketing and training to register women into your first circle program.

This is the exact methodology that I used to start my first 12-week circle program and it will get you started on the road to success.

$1997 value

Only 12 6 Spots Left

Register NowSchedule a Call

Are you feeling a deep YES, but have some contraction around the money? I invite you to take the below steps:

1) Put the money aside for a moment. Can you still feel the excitement and desire to lead circle? Does this possibility really light you up?

2) Now feel into the contraction. It’s never about the money. It’s about something deeper. Is it the fear that you will be a failure and not fill your circle? Have you signed up for other programs and not had the results? Or is it something else? Name it.

3) Dream of possibilities. If you did this program and you started a circle, how would that feel? How could that change your life? Imagine the positive impact on your business, your bank account, your relationships, your community, your health, etc.

4) Stand strong and open yourself up to receive. When there is a will there is always a way. Stand in your desire and keep imagining the possibilities that could open up in your life. Now ask for the universe to support you and get resourceful. Where could the money come from? Do you have access to credit? Could someone give you a loan? Could you shift around some of your current expenses?

5) Own your self-worth. This is one of the secrets to filling a circle. Money is an energy. What you put out will come back to you. When you invest in yourself, you are staking a claim and committing to your dream. If you are unwilling to invest in yourself, how can you expect women to invest in your circle? Women will only invest in joining your circle when you believe in your value and worth.

You can do this. We’ve got you. Our entire team of facilitators will be holding you in your process. We’ll be cheering you on, lifting you up and helping you succeed.

The Next Facilitator Training Retreat is held in

San Diego, CA in May 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

The women with most success as a facilitator take the leap of faith, trusting their inner guidance that led them to Sistership Circle in the first place.

This is a huge opportunity to get trained in facilitation, make money while feeling fulfilled in your purpose, use our platform as a “launch pad” for putting your name out there in the world, and build a powerful network of other like-minded women leaders.

You may have some questions about whether this program is a good fit for you. I highly recommend taking the first step by applying and seeing what possibilities open up. Here are a few frequently asked questions that may help you with the process.

There is a non-refundable $367 deposit to hold your space, the rest can be refunded if you cancel 30 days prior to the retreat. If you cancel 3-29 days before the retreat, you can transfer any remaining monies minus the deposit to a future training.

After running our facilitator training virtually for a few years now, I have found that the biggest breakthroughs have happened at our live retreats. The training goes entirely to the next level when we are in the room together.

As a new mama, I totally get the inconvenience of traveling to San Diego. Life is full of other obligations and commitments. But when I think of one of our facilitators from Australia who has 3 boys and traveled all the way to San Diego for one of our weekend retreats, I am inspired to tell you that anything is possible and if you really want it, you will find a way. To close that story, she ended up having a client pay for coaching with her while she was on our retreat! It was confirmation from the universe that she was right in following her heart.

Once you complete The Circle Experience either virtually or locally, the Leading In Truth retreat and complete a 6-week Apprenticeship, you become a certified Sistership Circle Facilitator. Our license to use our curriculums and be listed on our website is simple: we take a percentage of your circle fees so there is no risk on your part.

Absolutely! Let’s put it this way: everything that I lead I design so that I personally get value. I would take this training as a participant and I’ve been leading circles for years now! When you set an intention of what you want to receive from the training, you will get what you come for.

Not a problem! Not all women who go through the training will become Sistership Circle Facilitators. As part of the training, we help you cultivate your creativity to create your own curriculum if that’s the route you want to take. We just want you to lead circles!

It depends. For example, if you are in a program to become a coach, and you want to lead groups, then this program would be a perfect addition. The way I look at it, leading groups is the way to impact more people in less time. So this program will be highly valuable for you to gain credibility in your community and confidence in your skills.

Again, if you are a coach or healer, then you know how exhausting it can get be trading hours for dollars. I love leading groups because of the transformation that occurs and the community that is built. Leading groups helps you build connections and credibility in your community, which will naturally grow any business.

Absolutely! In fact, part of the process during the program is in starting to put yourself out there to build your tribe. We’ll be sharing how to build your following on social media and your website. I started my first group with nothing: no list, no social media following. That all came over time as I led more and more groups.

The truth is, you are reading this for a reason. You feel the calling. So …

What are you waiting for?

If you are a leader who feels it is her soul’s calling to gather the tribe together, then you have come to the right place. Sistership Circle has a proven model that works, a team that will support you in your leadership, and a growing, global network that you can tap into. Why do it alone when you can be part of something bigger? We are here creating a movement that will absolutely move the way the world works. Together we are stronger. Let’s do this.

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