Wednesday’s transmission call was brimming with the energies of the full moon. It was illuminating, rich, full of many take-aways (see below!) and bursting with potential. Not only was our theme based on the full moon but the call just so happened to fall when the moon was in her rich and juicy fullness.

You can listen to the recording HERE.

During the call Tanya shared a 5 step process on how to show up when you feel like a mess. How can you give yourself permission to be just as you are even if it’s not put together and perfect? You can download the guide HERE.

We also got to learn about some of the insightful core messages of emotions. Here’s the handout for that.

And finally, we also looked at a process of identifying emotional triggers which can be found HERE.

For those interested, the website Tanya mentioned around nonviolent communicate was


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