100 Founding Sisters and our Sistership Circle Day

Thank you for your interest in participating as a facilitator during Sistership Circle Day!

Imagine 100 circles happening all around the same day, with the same theme all around the world. There is magic that happens when we gather and an even more potent force when we synchronize our efforts.



WHEN: the full moon of January 2019

You can host your circle anytime that week, although we recommend Sat 1/19 or Sun 1/20. The outline we’ve created can be a 2 – 3 hour circle.

We’ll be hosting 3 virtual circles for everyone to convene together on Monday 1/21 at 9am, 12pm and 5pm PST. We suggest inviting your circle participants during the weekend to be on one of these calls.

THEME: vision for the new year


We are the 100 founding sisters of this project synchronizing our circles on Sistership Circle Day.

Sistership Circle Day is hosted 2x a year in January for the full moon and in June for the Solstice.

The gathering title for January is “Unveiling HerVision.”

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: Since this is a synchronized effort, we ask that everyone follow a few guidelines.

  1. Agree to our Code of Ethics.
  2. Use our marketing materials, and specifically our banners.
  3. Officially announce your circle on the same day as everyone else on January 3.
  4. All circles must be posted on our site. Provide a paypal address and we send all registrations to you (we take 10% fee to cover credit card processing and admin).
  5. During the circle, make sure you do the Sistership Circle Invocation and Stitch, collective vision board, and take a group photo.
  6. Tag #sistershipcircle and @sistershipcircle in all of your social media.
  7. Track your results after the circle and share them on the file so we can measure our collective impact.
  8. Join a group Celebration and Acknowledge call after the event on Friday Jan 25 (TBA).

How to Become one of the 100 Founding Sisters

Step 1: Register as a Facilitator Tribe member

The pre-req is either that you have taken our How to Lead Circle 12-week program -OR- you are currently leading your own circles. Everyone who has not done How to Lead Circle must be an active member of Facilitator Tribe.

This will give you access to the materials and training calls.

You keep all profits from your event.

You can cancel after Jan 21 if you no longer want to be a member (do not put in a cancellation until then otherwise you will lose your access).

Please register ASAP to guarantee your spot.

Step 2: Send an email to admin@sistershipcircle.com

with subject line “100 Founding Sisters” with your photo and bio to be included on our site. We’ll then reply with the link to register your circle and the Facilitator Package.

Step 3: Add your circle details to our website

(link provided)

Step 4: Announce to the world your circle on January 1

Register here

(not interested in leading a circle, but want to sit in one? We’ll make a formal announcement on Jan 1 with a link to sign up for one of our virtual circles).

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