How to Lead Circle: Video Course

In this video series we take you through the most important aspects of leading circle: starting it, creating safe sacred space, leading from your intuition, avoiding burnout, and adding value while keeping women engaged.

You will also receive:  checklists, tools, and meditations plus bonus material from guest mentors.

This is a no-risk course tailored for any coach, leader, yoga instructor, healer or practitioner who wants to make a bigger impact in their community by leading groups in the form of circle, workshops, classes or retreats.

We honor the path of the facilitator as a sacred rite of passage. It is not easy; it takes courage, strength and conviction. Women who choose to step into this role are literally transformed through the process.

We have carefully designed our courses to support women in not only becoming circle facilitators, but in embodying their feminine leadership in all aspects of their lives. We help women see their beauty, brilliance and boldness as women creating their lives by design and creating businesses that express their essence.

As women step into becoming a women’s circle facilitators, they are joining a tribe of dedicated stewardesses who are committed to spreading the message of the divine feminine in the world. We all hold our roles as sacred, and so this intentional rite of passage experience provides the space for our community to transmit our core values and weave us all together as one tribe.

How the Course Works

In 2013, we developed a 12-week circle curriculum called “The Circle Experience” that has a brilliant structure, is unique from any other circle out there with its emphasis on feminine leadership, and has worked for facilitators who’ve used it all over the world.

Originally part of our six step Sistership Circle Certification process we found that the first six videos modules of our “How to Lead Circle Program” could be used as a stand alone entry level course for anyone interested in facilitating women’s circles.

In addition to all of the facilitation fundamentals and bonuses listed below you will also receive the following:

In-Depth Training

Each Module contains step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates and scripts, supplemental audio meditations and visualizations, and action guides designed to take you through the exact process to lead your own circle.

Multi-media Training

We understand that different women have different learning styles so we’ve converted the training videos into audio and pdf formats to take on the run, listen in the car or at the gym. Our templates make it easier to get over fears and doubts about whether you are doing it right.

Interactive Easy-to-Use Content

We know that there is a lot of information to digest and so we have broken it up into bite sized videos of 5-15 minutes. You also have playsheets that get in action working with the content.

Sisterhood Support

Many women join our program to lead a circle because they personally want deeper connections with like-minded women and want to create the space for themselves and others. You will develop meaningful relationships with other feminine leaders around the world and be part of a community of women empowering women.

“After leading my first full moon circles that lacked structure and real juicy content, I let them go until I found the training I needed to fulfill my vision. I found exactly what I wanted and needed in How To Lead Circle. I am now very proud and happy that my monthly circles are a huge success!”

– Sharlene Belusevic


Instant Bonuses Completion Bonuses

Set Yourself Up For Success

Learn how to set yourself up for success in this program and in your leadership as a facilitator as we take you step by step how to plan your time and energy to effectively get the most out of this program.

Invoking Your Circle Audio

Listen to this audio visualization to call your women into your circle where you imagine them sitting in the space with you. It will inspire and uplift you especially when fear, doubt and worry creep in.

Divine Feminine Leadership Archetypes

Activate the energies of these 4 archetypes:  wise woman, high priestess, queen, and mother to support you in embodying your feminine leadership. Each archetype includes a song that captures the essence.

The Sistership Circle Playbook

To supplement The Circle Experience, our 12-week signature live circle program, we created a workbook, aka The Playbook, to create richer conversations and assist women in digging deeper into themselves.

Turn Fear & Doubt into Courage & Confidence

Identify the top 10 subconscious limited beliefs that stop you from stepping into your leadership, learn a releasing method to stop them from running your life, and move forward to achieve your dreams.

Changing Poverty Mentality Into Abundance

What would it look like for you to get paid doing something you love? This audio will change the way you think of money so you claim the value you provide as a facilitator and charge what you are worth.

Guest Circle Mentorships

These powerful leaders who are experts in their own fields share their secrets to take your facilitation to the next level by incorporating subtle touches that can create dramatic shifts in your circle.

How to Lead Circle 6 Module Curriculum

The Beginning

Start your circle with a bang. Your first circle sets the tone for all of the circles following so coming prepared and creating a solid structure from the beginning is important.

Module Topic: Self Love

Love yourself as a divine feminine leader with both shadow and light. Love yourself as the woman and leader who you’ve always wanted to be.

  • Know exactly how to prep before you start your circle
  • What to do during your first circle to have women engaged and excited to continue participating
  • How to implement self-care during this process
  • What to do after your circle to keep women engaged and on track
  • How to make sure you don’t take on everyone’s energy so you don’t get drained

The Priestess

Hold space for others to transform and heal. Step into the high priestess archetype to share the medicine of the circle, creating a deep and authentic experience.

Module Topic: Self Acceptance

Accept your power and trust the divine within yourself. Receiving yourself starts with accepting the full package of who you are.

  • The secrets to maintaining sacredness when women want to become chatty
  • The most powerful way to create safe space
  • How to take yourself to your edge while maintaining your calm

The Wise Woman

You already know intuitively what to do. In fact, you’ve been leading circles for eons. Tap into your ancient roots and trust the inner wisdom that is within you. Reawaken your wise woman.

Module Topic: Self Forgiveness

Explore full forgiveness for everyone who has done you harm, which starts with forgiving yourself. This is the pathway to inner peace and joy.

  • Learn a method to feel into the space and respond accordingly
  • How to become more intuitive and trust your gut
  • Learn a tool to use when the energy feels off so that you bring everyone back to feeling connected

The Queen

Overcome the old belief system that as the leader you must over-deliver and only give. The new paradigm of feminine leadership has you leading from a place of abundance.

Module Topic: Self Care

Set up a foundation for yourself so that self-care becomes second nature to you instead of something you feel guilty about.

  • A checklist of self-care rituals for leaders
  • How to get what you need from circle so you don’t get resentful
  • How to delegate so you aren’t doing it all yourself

The Mother

How you listen is everything. Embody the mother archetype so everyone feels loved, seen and heard. Your presence alone will open up their ability to be fully self-expressed.

Module Topic: Self Expression

Own your body, feel your body, express your embodiment. Release sexual shame, get in touch with your sensuality and find your creative flow.

  • Learn the different ways of listening
  • What to do when you are holding space so you become a better listener
  • Tips on creating presence in the room

The Celebration

Create ongoing value and engagement to have women raving about their circle experience with you so much that they are excited to keep attending.

Module Topic: Self Worth

You are divinely compensated for your innate gifts and talents. Looking at the numbers can be difficult and yet the most liberating.

  • Why presencing the value of their experience is crucial to keeping a circle healthy
  • What to do during your last circle of the program so women continue with your next circle
  • The top 3 ways to keep the bonding hormone alive in each woman

Ready to go all in?

The women with most success as a facilitator take the leap of faith, trusting their inner guidance that led them to Sistership Circle in the first place. This is a huge opportunity to get trained in facilitation and be part of a global movement.

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