Feminine Freedom Method (weekly)

$75.00 / week for 24 weeks


I’m SO excited that you’re called to find out more about the Feminine Freedom Method, a 12-week Embodiment Coaching Certification Program so you can guide women into deeper, transformative healing.

Here’s the story:

We’re bringing together a select group of facilitators, coaches, therapists and healers and showing them how to stand out as an in-demand, industry-leading coach who is able to deliver phenomenal and lasting transformation in as little as 15 minutes. This approach will help you heal yourself and your clients as you get straight to the root of any issue and undo the patriarchal conditioning that’s been getting in the way.

Imagine being able to …

*Instantly identify what’s blocking your client with very little information about their background by asking a few questions that take her beneath the surface of her issue

*Navigate trauma coming up in a coaching session or circle that leaves a client feeling safe and nurtured, open to explore instead of shut down

*Quickly guide a client out of flooding, freezing or collapsing when she touches on something triggering so that she can access her body wisdom and feel the power coming up within her

*Swiftly change hats from “circle facilitator” to “coach” to avoid the circle from going sideways when someone has a strong response to something being said or done

*Confidently access feminine wisdom within yourself and teach your clients how to do the same … on demand.

… without getting stuck in your head trying to come up with solutions or freezing because you don’t know what to say.

If you are a traditionally trained coach wanting to do more “feminine based work” …

or a facilitator who sees the importance of getting trained as a coach to give that extra 1:1 support for deeper healing …

I’m going to teach you our pioneering approach to taking a female client deep into the root of what holds her back from expressing herself without worrying about retraumatizing her.

The result?

You develop an unshakeable knowing in your power as a practitioner when you know the pathway to the root of our biggest blocks, and how to remove them so that women are free to step into their power.

AND you become known and sought out for your ability to deliver fast, long lasting results (which makes marketing SO much easier).

The Feminine Freedom Method is a coaching methodology that systematically takes a woman through letting go of her patriarchal learning, which shows up as stuck energy in the body passed down through generations, and then accessing her shakti energy – or feminine life force so that she experiences her vibrant and vital “glow.”

Through this method, she is able to come into, and feel safe to stay in, her body where she can then access her feminine wisdom through her intuition, emotions, sensuality, sexuality and creativity.

Our certified practitioners hit all the most impactful points for a female client to unlock the invisible cage that she’s been living in and open the doors to a whole new world for her and the next generation.

During this 12-week Certification Program, you’ll:

Have a 12-week curriculum to systematically guide a client through all the 5 major patriarchal learnings that impact women worldwide

Become proficient in using the 15-minute hot seat tool for quick breakthrough sessions in your circles or group programs

Identify and release your own blocks and limitations that hold you back from feeling free and empowered in your life and business using the F.R.E.E. Technique (Feel, Release, Explore, and Expand)

Understand Trauma (both from childhood and intergenerational) and how to regulate a client in an activated state during one of your sessions

Work with rituals for the 5 Feminine Freedom Archetypes to integrate new ways of being for a client

Discover the 5 childhood learning patterns from the patriarchal perspective so that you can spot the root of a block quickly

Read a client’s Somatic Signature to see where she’s holding tension in the body so that you can pinpoint where to release stuck energy

Practice attunement to read beneath the surface of what someone’s saying and have her feel more safe to explore deeper

Learn Co-regulation techniques so that you can slow your client down and teach her self-regulation so that she’s more aware of her own nervous system

[BONUS] I’m also sharing special business trainings on:

Ethics – knowing when to be cautious, provide safety, be responsible, cover your basis,
Setting boundaries with clients so that you aren’t over giving, and
Enrollment training to learn how to speak about the Feminine Freedom Method so that you can fill your program

PLUS! Connection with other coaches, healers and facilitators in our Private Facebook Group … Sistership Circle ALWAYS has a community of women supporting you (which women rave is what makes our containers so special!)

And so much more. Feminine Freedom Method is deep, expansive work that has a lasting impact on clients in all areas of life because it is reprogramming our subconscious.

All of the above in and of itself can be integrated with any other modalities, giving you the ability to penetrate deeper with your clients right away.

But what I’m MOST excited about is the part of our training where we unpack the patriarchy’s impact on women. This is what makes this work really stand out.

It’s no secret that the feminine has been devalued and degraded for thousands of years. Women have been suppressed, remembering in our DNA the witch burnings, rape and other ancestral trauma that has us mistrust other women and fear of being persecuted.

For most women, it’s inexplicable that we feel like our voice doesn’t matter, our blood is dirty, and our bodies are not our own.

We go into people pleasing or fawning to keep ourselves safe, or try to prove ourselves worthy by following a man’s path up the corporate ladder.

At the end of the day, we long for something more fulfilling, more authentic, more aligned with our soul.

With everything going on in the world today – the separation and division amongst people becoming more pronounced – we as spiritual leaders and healers can see the importance of empowering the feminine as a way of creating balance, equality and peace on the planet.

And we also know that it is us, as women, who uphold the patriarchy externally if we don’t do the inner work to unlearn the patriarchal conditioning internally.

That’s what Feminine Freedom Method provides. For all the practitioners who want to “smash the patriarchy,” we don’t need weapons to fight an enemy out there. Instead, we need an inner sword to cut ourselves free from the bonds that hold us back from exploring, embodying, and expressing our feminine power.

This is exactly what I have done to step into my feminine leadership on a global stage.

This method has been developed over the span of 10 years by using it myself, teaching my trainers to use it in our programs, and studying thousands of women in our circles and events.

When I first learned the core process inside this methodology from my late mentor Barry Green, it changed my life.

It was in 2013 when I was at my rock bottom, feeling so depressed, lost and confused. I had done so much “work” on myself, but I wasn’t penetrating below the surface.

Once I learned the core process (the exact tools and techniques you’ll learn in this program), I went out on the trail near my house every morning to take myself through it, systematically tackling every block that stood in my way.

For months, I did this, freeing myself from all the ways I held myself back.

In early 2014, things began to shift.

Within 6 months, I wrote my book, met my husband, launched Sistership Circle online with him as my business partner, and found myself pregnant.

Talk about rapid transformation!

I understand my inner patriarch and can spot it within any woman who I come across.

Imagine what happens when you can do that both for yourself and your clients. You will be a genuine heroine for the feminine.

This is what we’re up to. And we’d love for you to join us.


I’ve never heard of the Feminine Freedom Method … what’s the background?

The Feminine Freedom Method is a pioneering approach to healing that incorporates uncovering limited beliefs, somatic releasing of trauma in the body and integrating new habits based on feminine principles.

I was first trained in a method called Releasing the Past by the late Barry Green, who integrated 40+ years of body, mind and spirit techniques such as RET, TRE, Hoffman Process, yoga and more. He had a systematic approach to releasing “mother and father learning” from the subconscious to come into healthy relationship with self and the world.

After training thousands of women in circles, Tanya integrated the feminine layer to the work, making it specific to a woman’s experience living in the patriarchal world as we know it today.

There is also an added layer of Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine’s work) to understand how trauma affects our lives.

I already do 1:1 coaching. How is this different?

There are a lot of coaching certifications and methods out there in the industry today. What makes this unique is 1) the assumption that all blocks are rooted in the past and so healing takes place when someone can distinguish the difference between the truth of who they are and what they learned from their primary caretakers during the formative years of life (0 to 7 years old), and 2) the emphasis on patriarchal conditioning and how that impacts a woman’s behavioral patterns, and 3) it’s also trauma informed with an emphasis on nervous system regulation.

Will I get certified?

Upon completion of all course work and 10 hours of 1:1 recorded sessions with “practice clients” (one will be evaluated to ensure you are ready), you can apply for certification to use the Feminine Freedom Method course materials with clients, website badge, and title in your bio, which gives you credibility and distinguishes you from all the other coaches out there. These days, anyone can call themselves a coach, which gives the industry a bad reputation, and you want to make sure potential clients see you as someone they can trust. There will be no additional fee for your certification if qualified.

Can I use this method in my business?

You can absolutely use this method to guide yourself in your life and business – that’s what we do as Sistership Circle trainers.

You can also immediately start incorporating some of the techniques into your circles and 1:1 sessions.

In order to add this modality to your business as a separate and unique offering (I.e. guide women through the curriculum), you must complete Level 1 Certification requirements (above).

Who’s a good fit for using Feminine Freedom Method, and for learning from Sistership Circle?

Feminine Freedom Method is a powerful modality for any healer, coach, therapist, or facilitator! That said, becoming proficient with the method requires an open mind and heart, an ability to track patterns, attunement to a client’s emotional and energetic state, and a willingness to release resistance in order to intuitively be guided in a session.

If you’re new to coaching or healing work, sometimes it can take a while to get past the natural
resistance that keeps you stuck in your head instead of dropping down into your body to receive your intuitive wisdom. That’s why this training will be most effective for you if you are already self-aware and have some coaching or healing work under your belt or are familiar with working with your intuition.

Why Sistership Circle?

We have been training thousands of women in leading women’s circles since 2014 so we know women. We’ve heard more traumatic stories than you can count and we’ve guided women up and out of all kinds of experiences.

The main technique at the heart of the Feminine Freedom Method is used during our 15 minute hot seats in the How to Lead Circle program and we’ve witnessed many women break through their limited beliefs and fears around starting their first circle. But it’s so much more than that.

That’s what we’re committed to, and having this coaching/healing certification is a perfect compliment to our facilitator certifications.

Where and when?

The certification program comprises a 2-hour weekly call with our trainer who will take you through both the curriculum and the techniques.

You’ll also have a 1 hour weekly practice session with a cohort of 4 women to practice on each other (self-guided).

The program starts May 9 with the weekly calls on Thursdays from 1pm – 3pm PST and goes until the week of July 25. You’ll receive a schedule during your first call as well as get matched with your cohort.

We only have space for 20 women and seats will fill.

What happens if I can’t make one (or more) of the sessions?

We will record all sessions if you need to miss some.

With the group work in cohorts, presumably the times for that would be organized by the cohort to suit everyone’s time zones?

Yes, we will do our best to coordinate everyone by time zones (or desiring morning, afternoon or evening call times).

How much more time would be required to get the most out of the course (on average) outside of the weekly calls and practice sessions? ie will there be homework?

It should take an additional hour each week for video content.

You mention this Certification is Level 1, what are the options for taking the certification beyond Level 1? ie how many other levels are there, what do they cover and what would be the exchange/commitment for those other levels?

We haven’t decided what Level 2 looks like. We’ve thought about this being a 6 month instead of a 3 month program and will evaluate after the course what direction we take. And then if someone wants to teach others (become a trainer), that would be a level 3. We’ve also been thinking of more of an ongoing continuity program after level 1. Investment would be similar for level 2. Trainer would be invite only but would not be offered for at least a year.

How many practitioners of this method have already graduated? Have any of them been RTT practitioners? I’m asking so I can gauge how unique this certification would make my offering.

Previously we’ve only taught our trainers (10+ women) and it’s been a module in Mastery (20+ women). So this is new … and we believe it’s quite unique.


We’ll cover:

*The 5 Facets of Feminine Freedom – unlearning the main patriarchal patterns that show up for women

*The nervous system’s activation and deactivation process – with regulation tools to help your client come out of fight, flight or freeze

*The F.R.E.E. Technique – how to use the 15-min hot seat tool during your sessions (and expand it to a full hour session)

*The 3 main release modalities – to somatically help a client move stuck energy in the body

* 12-Week Feminine Freedom Method Curriculum – so that you can systematically take your client through a transformational program where you add in all the tools

And more!

You’ll receive the tools to start to practice what you have learned on your own between the calls. We want you to build your confidence as quickly as possible.

You’ll be able to sign up to be on one of the many hot seat demos for your own transformation, which makes you a better practitioner.

You’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, receive guidance, and collaborate with your colleagues in the group.

As a special bonus, you’ll also receive:

The 5 Feminine Freedom Archetype Activations (audio meditation, visualization and ritual) to use as a sign up bonus for your clients ($485 value)

Feminine Freedom Method Sales Letter and Marketing Materials – we want you to easily and effortlessly enroll women to work with you by empowering you with this done-for-you sales packet … we’ll also walk you through how to use it! ($333 value)

Feminine Freedom Affirmation List – These are new belief incantations that you (and your clients) can say with the RET light wand technology to reprogram the subconscious from limited beliefs that correspond to all 5 Facets of Feminine Freedom

What’s the investment?

We’ve been guided to offer this certification right now to do the deeper work as a collective because we all know that this is the time to level up spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

With the “nervous system” being a buzz word these days, we understand the importance of working through trauma on a somatic level because the body always keeps the score.

Having the ability to deliver phenomenal and lasting transformation is crucial to attracting more referrals for your business and becoming a credible leader in the women’s empowerment field.

The patriarchy is cracking at its foundation and it’s by women doing the deeper work that we’re really going to shift the paradigm.

Which is why I’ve made this very easy to say YES to.

If you enroll before April 22, your investment for the Feminine Freedom Method (Level 1 Certification) is just one payment of $497 followed by 5 more payments of $497 spaced 30 days apart (total of 6 payments).

If you want to pay in full, the investment is $2497.

That’s 3 full months with Tanya and Sharlene, teaching you how to get straight to the root of any female client’s issue and undo the patriarchal conditioning that’s been getting in her way.

You’ll get out of your head, intuitively knowing where to guide her …

Spending less time identifying what’s really causing her fear and doubt …

Creating lasting transformation as you penetrate deeper under the surface, supporting your clients in feeling more pleasure and power in their lives.

And all while being a mission-driven leader with a tool to take down the patriarchy.

Please note: There is no refunds for this program. However, if there is some issue that prevents you from finishing the program, we can transfer your payment to a future program (or credit it for another program).


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