Feminine Uprising LIVE 2019 Bonus Ticket



Thank you for being a valued member of our community! As a graduate of How to Lead Circle, you were gifted a free ticket to Feminine Uprising LIVE and I want you to be there!

The event starts Friday March 22 at 9am and ends Sunday March 25 at 4pm. It is hosted on a SHIP (yes, Sistership is meeting on an actual SHIP docked in Mission Bay!) at the Bahia Hotel in San Diego (more details on the hotel are listed on the event page here).

My intention for this event is for it to be the annual conference for our past, present and future community to come together live. With all the work we do virtually, I know that it will take our connection to the next level by actually meeting in person! There is nothing quite like getting a hug, looking each other in the eye, and going deep!

Because we had many women say they were coming last year and then cancelling last minute, we are asking for a $100 deposit that you will get back at check-in on March 22. This way, we can count on you being there. Space will be limited for this event so we need to make sure we have an accurate headcount.

You can also get this deposit back if you cancel before December 31, 2018 just in case your plans fall through. After January 1 though, you’ll have to show up to get it fully refunded or we can postpone until 2020.

This bonus ticket will be available to reserve until October 31, 2018.


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