Medicine of Circle (for HTLC Graduates)

From: $497.00 / month for 5 months



I’m SO excited that you’re called to turn your circles into a mission-driven business with a thriving community and make good money in the process by focusing on the Circle Business Model and creating a deeper transformational circle container as your primary asset.

Here’s the story…

I’m opening the doors to “Medicine of Circle,” where you will create your Signature Circle Program: an 8 or 12-week transformational container that brings together your passion and unique skills with circle distinctions.

Your Signature Circle Program is what you become known for, creating a group container that establishes yourself as a well-paid thought leader because you are taking women through a transformational journey that’s more engaged, connected and intimate than any typical group coaching program (boring!)

It’s where you will put together ALL the multiple skills and modalities that you’ve cultivated over the years, essentially creating your signature body of work.

It’s the way you will grow beyond the one to one service model to impact more people in a deeply fulfilling way.

And it’s also where you will grow beyond monthly Sister Gatherings to make more money and turn your circles into a profitable business.

People typically think of Sister Gatherings when they think of circles. These are one-off, low commitment events like a monthly New Moon Circle.

While Sister Gatherings are intended to build a supportive and connected community, they can be used as a gateway to take women deeper into the medicine of circle.

That gateway is into your Signature Circle Program. The longer term container allows for women to go through a transformational process together. There’s more depth, more intimacy, and more lasting change because the medicine of the circle works on them over a period of time.

If you are only running Sister Gatherings once or twice a month, you’re not going to be very profitable, making maybe $1000/month at most (that’s if you have 25 women paying $20 for both full and new moon gatherings).

With your Signature Circle Program that promises a transformational process, you can charge $500-2000.

This is how some of our facilitators were able to start making $10,000 per program, while showing up only once a week.

Most coaches have no clue how to create a group program “from the feminine” and most facilitators get stuck creating more Sister Gatherings per month, burning out while experiencing a decrease in demand.

But in just 8 weeks, you will have your Signature Circle Program laid out with an outline for each week and the marketing materials tested and ready for enrollment.

You’ll be set up to continue to enroll women again and again as you receive rave reviews and referrals from women who went through the program.

But what I’m MOST excited about is where I lay out a few energetic keys – what I call being the Brave Woman – EXACTLY what it takes to embody the ENERGY of the woman who magnetizes a full circle – as much as $10k and up – and calls them in, anytime she chooses.

This is where we do the deeper internal work to give you the umph to move through any blocks, becoming aware of what gets in the way of you stepping into your next level of leadership so that you can fully own and claim it now.

A transformational Signature Circle Program PLUS being the Brave Woman is the real secret sauce behind my clients’ success.

Imagine having a growing, thriving community of women cheering each other on, celebrating each other’s successes and encouraging each other to grow. That’s the new paradigm of sisterhood that you are creating … while getting paid what you are worth as a transformational facilitator because you are bringing your medicine to the circle.

That’s what we’re up to in “Medicine of Circle.”

This Signature Circle program will integrate 1) what you are already doing in your business, 2) any new modalities that you have been trying to figure out how to weave in, and 3) circle distinctions and sacred facilitation.

You’ll also walk away knowing …

How to integrate both regular “sister gatherings” and your transformational “circle program” into your business to create a value ladder

The intention and outcome of your signature circle program based on your unique medicine so that it feels aligned, inspiring and heart-centered

The messaging that will enroll your current clientele into this new circle program that speaks directly to their needs and desires, as if they have been literally been waiting for it

The power of your vulnerability and how to open your heart in an authentic way that gives women permission to go deeper in your container

How to stand out amongst the noise of “circles” and “women’s empowerment work” by being the real deal embodied circle leader who creates an authentic space

How to create rituals and bring ceremony to the container to make it safe and sacred while also not being overly woo if this feels new and edgy to you

The power of circle coming from your own visceral experience in one of Sistership Circle’s Signature Circle Programs as an example of what’s possible for you to model and make your own

BONUS: Plus I’ll show you how to have an enrollment conversation that includes the 5 essential pieces that will have someone say yes

All with a conscious, supporting and loving sisterhood who has the capacity to hold you in this upleveling so that you can open yourself up to receive in a whole new way you never thought possible (which means more support and income coming your way).

Here’s what I know:

When I launched my 12-week circle program in 2014, it became the foundation of my community. Women talked about it to their friends and it became easy to fill every time I offered it. The monthly gatherings naturally became popular as a result. It became a beautiful cycle.

More importantly, it became the stepping stone into the next level of my leadership, teaching women how to do what I did, leading women’s circles.

When I put all the parts together, I was able to grow my business beyond what I thought was even possible.

I became a well known international thought leader in the women’s empowerment space.

If I could do it, you can too. The key is in making it your own, doing the sacred work you were destined to do. Sharing your unique medicine with the women who need it.

It can be scary to transition and shift your business, creating something new. But if you know that this is what’s next, and you feel it in your bones that you are ready, being held in a supportive container will give you the boost to get it created and take action.

Here’s what this looks like (where / when / how):

We officially begin on Tues, July 11th, with THE most important work that makes you
magnetic to the woman you want to attract to your container.

Then we’ll dive right into creating your intention and outcome, mapping out the week by week curriculum, and your enrollment assets. (Keep reading for the schedule, and how we’re going to work together as you go.)

Our goal is to have your Signature Circle Program mapped out along with your messaging. We’ll also make a game plan for enrollment + refine your enrollment skills.

You’re also getting a single-biz license (meaning you can use them for your business ONLY) for
our Signature Circle Program “The Awakening” to use any of the rituals, questions and outlines that you like.

As well as a template to create your enrollment letter that can be used as both a PDF and a sales page for the program. This will save you time as you literally change the sections to fit your program’s intention and benefits.

Throughout the program, you’ll be on LIVE calls with me, PLUS get coaching from me in the Facebook group.

Here’s our meeting schedule (all calls are tentatively scheduled for 1:30pm PT to meet all time zones (UK/US/Aus)):

• Tues, July 11th – Group Call – Clarity on Who You Want in the Circle
• Tues, July 18th – Group Call – The Intention & Outcome of your Signature Circle Program
• Tues, July 25th – Group Call – Getting your unique medicine
• Tues, Aug 1st – Group Call – Creating your Circle Program Outline (topics)
• Tues, Aug 8th – Group Call – Creating your Circle Program Outline (questions + rituals)
• Tues, Aug 15th – Group Call – Messaging that Magnetizes Your Ideal Client
• Tues, Aug 22nd – Group Call – Writing your offer letter
• Tues, Aug 29th – Group Call – Testing + Enrollment & Registration

We also do a LOT of coaching on Facebook with live videos, Q&A and loom screenshares.

Our Goal: Have you feeling clear on your medicine and the delivery of it.


Will you help me fill my Signature Circle Program? What happens after this?

We’re going to position your Signature Circle Program to be offered after you complete the program. Depending on your audience, you may want to launch in the fall or winter.

We’re not going to spend time on launch strategies or advanced facilitation. That’s in Mastery of Circle, which in full transparency, we’ll want you to join after.

First let’s get you connected to YOUR medicine and map out your Signature Circle Program. So that you have something to offer and start beta testing. That’s what you are going to get done.

For it to become your signature body of work takes time and refinement. Personally, I’ve been running How to Lead Circle, my Signature Circle Program for almost 7 years and gone through 3 or 4 iterations of it to make it a world-class program.

I don’t have a big audience. Will this work for me?

If you have an existing client base (1 to 1 work), and you have been running a successful business, you don’t need a huge social media following or even a big email list. We will show you how to offer your Signature Circle Program to your current clients, and then grow from there.

If you are just getting started, you’ll want to focus on attracting more women to your monthly gatherings for 3-6 months to build up an audience to offer the program to. It doesn’t take many women to get the first program started.

I am brand new to this work. Will this work for me?

This will help build confidence by knowing your medicine and having a container for women when you launch it.

What are the requirements?

We have 3 requirements to qualify for this group:

*Must stay consistent with your monthly gatherings.
*Have done spiritual work – you are self-aware, take personality responsibility, and understand what a container is.
*You are willing to do the work and stay the course, even when it may feel uncomfortable and resistance arises. Because this is an initiation into your next level of leadership.

What if I miss a call? Will it be recorded?

Yes, all calls are recorded and you’ll have lifetime access. We ask that you watch the recording before the next session if you miss it, so that you keep up with the process.

What if none of the call times work for me? Will I still get value?

If you can’t do Wednesdays at 1:30pm PST, then please let me know and we’ll see if it’s possible to switch the call times based on availability of those already signed up.

And honestly, you can still completely build your Signature Program and other assets without attending any of the live calls!

You’ll have a 1:1 call with me where together we’ll map out all your weekly outlines (see bonuses below).

Plus you can watch the recordings, do the work, and show it in the Facebook group to receive coaching/feedback.

What’s the investment?

Crafting your Signature Circle Program that will shift you out of 1:1 work or create a new offering to your clients that builds a thriving and connected community costs $4,000 for the right person.

If you are wanting to create a premier Signature Circle Program, charging more than $1000 …

… which is totally possible when you nail down the language that has your ideal client really understand (and value) the transformation …

… you set the bar by what YOU are willing to pay to CREATE this asset.

Because really, your Signature Circle Program is an ASSET. You keep using it again and again, which makes it more valuable over time. The more women who give you testimonials, the more experience you get, the richer and deeper the experience becomes.

Business owners pay thousands of dollars for just 1 legal document. Why? It’s a very valuable asset that can potentially save them thousands of dollars. This asset that we are building together will make you thousands of dollars.

For me, How to Lead Circle (my current Signature Circle Program) has put my name on the map and become the program I can offer in my sleep twice a year since 2016. I’ve been able to scale it by having 60-70 women in it at a time while also raising the price over time. How to Lead Circle is an asset that is extremely valuable to me and my business. I want you to have something that can also turn into something scalable.

However, in alignment with our mission to create 1 million circles on the planet, we want more women bringing circle distinctions into their work.

So I wanted to make this an easy yes for you.

If you enroll in the next 48 hours, we’re giving you a significant savings of $1,500 OFF the regular
investment of $4,000. PLUS you can take advantage of our payment plan.

You’ll get started with a single payment of $997, followed by 5 additional payments of $300.

Most of our clients price their Signature Circle Program (8 or 12 weeks in length) between $400 – $1000.

Let’s do some basic math for a second …

If you enroll 8 women into your 12-week Signature Circle Program for $500, that’s $4000. You’ve more than profited from your investment.

If those 8 women pay $997 each, that’s $7976. You’ve almost quadrupled your investment in the program!

PLUS … you’re leading only 1 circle a week. Your time is leveraged! Not bad for your first time, right?

PLUS you’ll have three skills that will keep paying you over the lifetime of your business
(how to create a circle program + how to talk about it + enrollment & registration conversations) in very short order.

You can create a series of Circle Programs like we did for The Awakening (program #1 is Step into Circle, #2 is Step into Sisterhood and #3 is Step into Leadership).

(Want to save even MORE? You’ll get an additional $500 OFF when you pay the whole thing
upfront for $1997.)


You’ll also receive:

>> 3 months membership to Facilitator Tribe ($222 value)

You can get access to all the monthly outlines (over 3 years worth!) and calls taking place in our membership.

>> The Awakening: Step into Circle 8-Week Program + curriculum license ($997 value)

You can go through our Signature Circle Program together as a group and alternate leading each week to gain valuable practice time and understand exactly how we would structure a transformational circle program.

>> Access to our private Facebook Group

This is where you can receive my coaching and group feedback/support to really nail your Signature Circle Program. You can post your outline and other assets, ask questions, etc – this is priceless!

>> TWO additional weeks in the program!

We know that stuff comes up – especially when you’re leveling up. So… while the “official”
timeline of the program is 8 weeks, we’ll all keep rolling for an additional two weeks. (Program
with bonused time runs from July 12th through Sept 13th.)

>> Launch Secrets Masterclass ($497 value)

I’ve been launching programs (and filling them) as well as teaching our facilitators how to locally launch their first circle programs since 2014. I’ll show you some of my top secrets to fill your program with or without a fancy launch!

(there are no refunds; transfers granted on a case by case basis)


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