Women’s Circle Retreats

Abundance – Activation – Nourishment

As we grow Sistership Circle, we need a place to meet as ONE international community. The planet needs women to come together in co-creative, feminine leadership.

We select our retreat locations based on feminine energy. Places to reconnect and explore what it means to be an embodied, spiritual woman. We are immersing ourselves in sistership and nature to drop out of FEAR and connect deeper in TRUST … trust of our inner wisdom, trust with one another, trust with a higher source.

Join Us Sister!

There is great power when we gather in circle. The universe hears our desires.

Retreats allow us to immerse ourselves in a process to go deeper than we could go while meeting once a week. We create a sacred container to go places we never thought we could go with ourselves and one another. We get to take time away from our busy lives to be present and take a break from it all to recharge, rejuvenate and reset ourselves to uplevel when we go back home. I see our retreats as a way to paradoxically go outside of our environments to truly come home to ourselves.


In a world dominated by scarcity and fear, what would it look like to live choosing abundance and love in every moment? We will indulge in our senses, fill our cups, dance and experience pleasure. We will connect with our inner radiant beauty so when we go back home, we have our GLOW on.

  • To live feeling filled up instead of depleted
  • To trust that we have all that we need
  • To trust that all is sourced from sisterhood
  • To feel freed up to be our authentic selves and attract our desires

In a world where most women feel disconnected, competitive and betrayed by one another, what would it truly look like to feel connected to the sisterhood and feel like women have your back? We will sit in circle with one another to see and be seen as we play our full range.

  • To connect deeper with other feminine leaders
  • To heal the divine feminine on the planet
  • To find our voice to speak up and tell the truth
  • To be seen in all our messiness, all our beauty, our vulnerability and our power

The feminine is beautiful. She’s a flower. She has divinely sweet nectar that attracts bees toward her. She doesn’t have to DO anything; she just opens her petals and basks in her glory. What would land in your lap if you learned the art of BEING the feminine? We will practice tools to embody this being.

  • To tune into the body, especially the womb
  • To drop out of the head and into the heart
  • To become present with the sensations
  • To move, flow, getting all the sticky kinks in the body worked out

This retreat is for women who…

Are ready to live their life by design and desire instead of being caught in the circumstances of the mundane world

Want to experience real and authentic sisterhood with other amazing women from around the world

Are up to making a difference and know that they cannot do it alone and so they are ready to embrace support and contribution from others

Are tired of pushing and forcing agendas and much prefer a softer, more feminine approach to life that feels nourishing, easy and fun

Here’s what this looks like…

Deep heart-to-heart sisterhood connection with an intimate group of amazing women like you

Personal Goddess Photoshoot to capture your essence and glow

Excursions to delve into the feminine magic of the surrounding culture

Daily yoga, meditation and movement practice

Delicious fresh organic food and beverage prepared by in-home chef

An abundance of pampering with massage, pujas and essential oil treatments

Time and space to reflect, relax and rejuvenate.

Our Past Retreats

The women connected with the red rocks, did nature hikes, and swam in the pool at night under the stars. Each woman paired up with another woman to co-create an experience for the group including: fire ritual, “Coming Home” to ourselves, and mother-daughter healing.
The intention was deep sacred medicine ceremony to connect with the feminine. The group balanced deep sisterhood connection with individual reflection time. Women said they felt held by the mountains — “Pachamama” — surrounding us in the Sacred Valley. They also visited Machu Picchu.

The birthplace of Sistership Circle is one of the best places for retreat right next to the beautiful ocean and the home of Yogananda’s Self-Realization Center. Encinitas is known as one of the yoga capitals of the world and has a vibe that lends itself perfectly for spirituality, femininity and leadership.

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