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The 12 Week Sistership Circle Experience is about finally letting go of worrying about what others think of you and speaking authentically and vulnerably about what you are going through in your life so you can let go of what’s not serving you and step into your power as a new generation feminine leader.

Each week we will dive deep as a collective into what it means to be a woman in this world and how you can live connected to your heart and receive support to achieve your dreams.

Tanya Paluso
CEO & Founder

Welcome Sister! I’m so happy you are interested in joining us.

Leading circles is one my greatest passions because I love to connect with amazing, like-minded women like you. But it wasn’t always this way. As a kid, I didn’t like being a girl. I experienced backstabbing, competition for boys and the mean girl effect. While I was popular, I felt like an outsider.

Growing up, I relied heavily on my masculine energy to succeed in the world. When I moved back to my hometown of San Diego after living for 10 years in various cities around the world, I knew I needed strong women friends so I started hosting events. Little did I know, back then, how sistership would change my life.

Every circle that I lead, I learn something new about myself as a woman. What it means to be in my feminine power. What it looks like to be a sister. What it feels like to give and receive love and support. And it keeps me inspired to bring this work to more and more women.

Sometimes, it’s not easy. Feelings get hurt. But we learn to work through it together and through the process, become stronger in our bond as sisters.

Sistership Circle has been my safe haven to be myself. To let my hair down as a leader. To set intentions for my life. My dreams have come true because of the circle. I found my husband. I got pregnant. Sistership is my rock, my foundation and the place I go to in times of sadness and pain. I don’t have to come to circle with a happy face all the time; I have permission to be real and express my vulnerability.

I am no longer numb. I now experience the freedom to feel immense joy and pleasure thanks to the women in circle loving and supporting me no matter how I show up. They love me for the real me. And they will for you, too. All that is required is an open heart, open mind and desire to connect.


About our Circles

Women’s circles are gaining popularity as women are re-embracing their power and looking for like-minded women.

Centuries ago, women used to gather in circle because they knew the power of the collective was greater than the individual. During the witch-hunting, circles dispersed and women lost touch with their power.

Now with the reemergence of circles, women are rediscovering what it means to be a woman, connecting with their womb, their voice and their value.

Circle is an inner and outer journey. It is an exploration of the self and our relationship with one another.

What makes Sistership Circle unique is our structure, curriculum and format. We learn how to truly listen to one another with the use of a tool called “Beaming.” We learn how to co-create and collaborate by practicing “Co-Creative Leadership.” We learn how to speak our truth with the use of tools such as “Withholds.”

In speaking our truth, we may bump up against challenges. Not all circles are rainbows and butterflies. Our circles are real and authentic. We give ourselves permission to go to the places we aren’t usually safe to explore. And that’s what helps us grow and be the change that we seek to create in the world.

Are you craving deeper connection to sisterhood?

This is the real Sisterhood. All women are welcome who are committed to living in alignment with our four values of love, acceptance, connection, and co-creative leadership. We stand for each other’s truth. We got each other’s backs. We celebrate each other. And most importantly, we stand together for every woman around the world to have the loving embrace of sisterhood in their lives.

Sistership Circle is one of the rare places in the world today where women can show up as themselves and be real.

If you have been looking for a place that provides safety to process, create, love, dance, laugh, cry or just be … where your authentic self is always celebrated … and you can open up to share your inner desires, thoughts and feelings, this group is for you.

Weekly Exploration

Each week, meet with your circle in person to explore the weekly topic to connect deeper with yourself and become more confident in speaking your truth. You will learn how to trust yourself, trust others and trust the feminine.

Guest Mentors

Each week, I will interview a powerful feminine leadership on the weekly topic. These women walk their walk and embody the feminine in a way that will inspire and uplift you. You will hear their success stories and they will share their secrets for you to become more empowered in that area.


Each week before you sit down in circle, you get to bond and connect with your sisters in an informal way by “breaking bread” together. This allows everyone to arrive in the space without feeling rushed, enjoy a nice meal with one another, and share favorite recipes.


You will receive a complimentary PlayBook, or supplemental weekly workbook, that accompanies the program. This allows you to go deeper into the questions so you have richer discussions with your sisters.

Sisterhood Support

You will develop a deeper, more meaningful bond with the women in your circle. We provide structures for you to feel safe in sharing and safety for others to be vulnerable with you.


Once you graduate a circle, you will have the opportunity to continue being part of the Sistership Tribe to meet new women and spread the message of the real sisterhood around the world.

Worldwide Community

In addition to connecting weekly with your Circle, you also receive access to a state-of-the-art community forum with all the other women in a Sistership Circle around the world. You can get support for your personal life, develop business partnerships and find places to stay when you travel. There’s nothing like expanding your network on a global level.

Our Curriculum

Setting the intention and creating sacred space:

  • Deepen into who you are as a woman
  • Deepen into sisterhood
  • Deepen into your feminine leadership

The curriculum explores 6 aspects of you as an individual woman (self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, self-care, self-expression, self-worth) and then 6 aspects of you in relationship to others and the world (community or “tribe”, sisterhood, relationship with men, and relationship with children).

Because this is a journey, the landscape constantly changes. Each facilitator has the liberty to choose which questions she will bring to the meetings for discussion and which activities to supplement the learning process. What this means is you can continue to be in the 12-week experience over and over again without getting bored. Women who have signed up for a second or third time say that they get more value each time because they get to go deeper into the topics.

Self Love

Week 1

Love yourself as a divine feminine woman. Love yourself as the woman who you’ve always wanted to be.

Self Acceptance

Week 2

Accept your power and trust the divine within yourself. Receiving yourself starts with accepting the full package of who you are.

Self Forgiveness

Week 3

Explore full forgiveness for everyone who has done you harm, which starts with forgiving yourself. This is the pathway to inner peace and joy.

Self Care

Week 4

Set up a foundation for yourself so that when you are exhausted, you don’t think twice about taking care of yourself. Self-care becomes second nature to you instead of something you feel guilty about.

Self Expession

Week 5

Own your body, feel your body, express your embodiment. Release sexual shame, get in touch with your sensuality and find your creative flow.

Self Worth

Week 6

You are divinely compensated for your innate gifts and talents. Looking at the numbers can be one of the most difficult things to do and yet the most liberating. If you want a breakthrough in money, start treating money like a lover and a best friend.

Co-Creative Leadership

Week 7

You are a new generation feminine leader. In a culture dominated by independence and individuality, we are rarely taught how to have healthy, functional relationships within tribe. This week we transition from ME to WE and start to embody collaboration.

Sisterhood Tribe

Week 8

You are a direct reflection of the women in the sisterhood.Explore both the wounding that you have experienced with women and the support that you have received from women.

The Three C's

Week 9

Make a commitment to yourself. There are many threads that weave together a tribe, but the main three are: commitment, connection and communication. These are the tenets to create a safe space for people to come together and be vulnerable and authentic with one another.

Partnership with Men

Week 10

You inspire and empower the men in your life to take action. You don’t have to do it alone anymore and the sisterhood doesn’t have to save the world alone either. The key to a harmonious world is creating partnership amongst men and women and embracing each other differences.

Loving Our Children

Week 11

You have done the best with what you have known. Any wounding that you are currently experiencing in your life – triggers, upsets, emotional breakdowns – are caused by your inner child acting out. She desperately wants you to hear her. She wants to be heard because at some point, she felt dismissed, misunderstood, or ignored. Now is the time to listen to her.

Completion & Celebration

Week 12

You can celebrate all aspects of yourself … in all your dark and light. Celebrate the tremendous value you’ve received from committing to the sisterhood and how much you’ve accomplished in 12 weeks.

The investment varies from city to city and from facilitator to facilitator. Please check the events section for your local circle.

Please visit our FAQ section if you don’t see an answer to your question below.

We know how hard it is to take a leap of faith and put your trust in the sisterhood. And we’re asking that you do exactly that without having experienced a circle yet. That’s why we have a money-back-guarantee after your first circle if you feel like it is not for you so you have absolutely nothing to lose by registering. Simply email us and share that the Circle is not for you and we can either transfer you to another Circle or give you all of your money back, no hard feelings.

During the first meeting, each woman communicates all her known absences. There is the option to Skype/Call in if you are out of town. You will have a “buddy” in the circle so you can also find out what you missed. You also will be connected to the women in your circle in the Forum to ask any questions and get supported during the week you miss. You do not receive a discount or refund for missed meetings.

We HIGHLY recommend that you attend the potluck for the different type of connection that is developed in this informal setting.

We ask that you leave your children (and animals) at home or with a childcare provider so that you can be fully present in the circle.

The facilitator chooses the venue; usually circles are held in a woman’s home to create a safe and comfortable environment.

You can send your friend to this page to register for the circle on her own. If she would like to check it out, there may be an introductory circle meeting for her to attend or she can have a conversation with one of our facilitators HERE. The meetings are not open for guests.

We value the time, effort and skill that is required to create, lead and maintain the circles. More information is the PRICING page.

Thank you! We appreciate referrals! You can check the REGISTER page for the open circle locations and send her to an introductory circle meeting or have a conversation with one of our facilitators HERE.

We have the Mastery of Circle Leadership program for women who want to be trained to become a facilitator. You can learn more HERE.

By a courageous woman raising her hand and saying “I will make this happen!” Then she takes the Mastery of Circle Leadership training here.

Yes! Our Sistership Circle Virtual Mastermind focuses on doing business from a feminine approach and combines elements of our local circle format with business masterminding. You can learn more HERE.

Join a community that is committed to making a difference for women from all around the world.

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