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A pathway to lead impactful, profitable groups “the feminine way”

When women come together in sacred circle, magic happens. The bond of connection holds the group to dive deep together and have a profoundly sacred experience. And it’s what takes the pressure off of you to always be performing. 

With more and more women seeking intentional circles for support, healing, and transformation, you have an opportunity to create the safe and sacred space for them, building your reputation as a community leader.

The Art of Leading Circle offers coaches, therapists and healers a step by step guide to fill, lead and grow circles locally or online … building your network, growing your referrals and providing a consistent flow of income that isn’t solely dependent on the hours you put in.

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Our Master Trainer Share Her Secrets, Tips & Tricks

We've Uncovered "Everything" you need to know to lead a Women's Circle.

The Art of Leading Women’s Circle is based on Tanya Lynn’s 10+ years of experience training thousands of other facilitators around the world, leading her own circles, and building a global organization.

She shares practical tools and techniques including how to structure your circle, when to discern between using your outline and your intuition, how to handle conflict, and more.

Women who are eager to gather women in circle will find everything they need to get started with ease.

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