Join Us for this LIVE 3-Day Training July 26th-28th!

Attention: Therapists, Coaches, Healers & Facilitators

Learn how thousands of women across the world are using


and transition out of the 1:1 grind into a more profitable
and fulfilling transformational group facilitation model

Feminine Facilitation:

The Art of Mastering Group Transformation

A 3-Day Experience For Established Therapists, Healers, Coaches, and Leaders Ready to Transition Their 1:1 practice to Leading Impactful, Profitable Groups Without Experiencing Overwhelm, Burn-Out, or Fatigue ...

This LIVE Event Starts In...


Has Your 1:1 Work Lost Its Luster?

Are you a seasoned coach, therapist or healer who wants to make more money💰 and create lasting transformation without having 20 hours a week of 1:1 sessions ⏳ every week?

Then it’s time to master the art of group facilitation.

If you …

Want to start a group program 👭 but aren’t confident you have the skills to manage 💪 the energy of all those people at once.

Aren’t sure how to make people feel safe 🤝 (or guide the group) when someone is combative or resistant.

Feel maxed out doing 1:1 work and know that to scale📈, you must launch a group program, but you don’t know where to begin (and you’re already SO tired 😴!)

Have been successful in your career and want to utilize those skills to empower women in a way that feels deeply fulfilling. 

Can’t get off the BS health care billing nightmare – you’re making 50% of what you should💸!

Feel so TIRED of working your booty off 💪 only to be told that you’re “the best kept secret” 🔒

I’m here to show you that there’s another way 👩‍💼.

10x Your Leadership

Becoming a masterful group facilitator will:

Behind every successful coach, healer, and therapist is a proven step-by-step process that allows you to connect with and lead women to deep transformation...

There’s an art to facilitating impactful groups

When you become unshakeable in your confidence to lead groups (and get results), you can become known as someone who can facilitate deeper, more powerful transformation in a sacred and safe way.

If you’re nodding “YES” then I want to empower you to take charge and join me for the most powerful 3-day transformational event in 2023.


Bonus #1

The Art of Leading Circle: eBook + Startup Kit

Value: $97

Get insight from 15 different facilitators that are implementing what you’re going to learn at LEAP and a workbook that allows you to craft your ideal circle.

Bonus #2

Womens Circle Ritual Handbook eBox Set

Value: $197

Receive a carefully curated book of over 160 rituals from around the world that the top global facilitators use to manifest change and create transformation.

Bonus #3

The Art of Leading Circle: Video Course

Value: $1,497

Be confident in filling, leading, and growing your women’s circle with this 44-module blueprint that outlines everything you need to do in a step-by-step process.

Hi, I’m Tanya Lynn, author, master facilitator, and founder of Sistership Circle.

I created Sistership Circle over a decade ago because I saw the power of facilitating transformational groups to keep me out of the grind of 1:1 coaching and increase my impact while still taking women deep.

I had a huge global vision and wanted a way to do business that inspired me to be myself without the pressure to perform. 

I desired to be surrounded by authentic sisters and create a community that other women could also benefit from, feeling connected to and supported by each other.

That all happened because I mastered the art of leading transformational group experiences and as a result … I have impacted tens of thousands of women while feeling deeply fulfilled.

~ Tanya Lynn

During this interactive and experiential event, you’ll have the step-by-step blueprint to create a transformational group experience, become the leader who attracts women into the group, and retains them in a beautiful community that could last for years.

The Agenda

Here’s what you can expect during our time together

Day 1 ~ Wed. July 26th

Create a Transformational Group Experience

Learn my exact structure along with my secret sauce that makes it an unforgettable and transformational experience that wows them, making them raving fans.

Make this unique to your skills and expertise so that you stand out from the crowd as an influential thought leader.

Understand how to create massive breakthroughs for the entire group to maximize your impact.

(Live session from 9am – 1pm PST; replay available for all registered participants)

Day 2 ~ Thu. July 27th

How to Create Depth, Potency and Intimacy so your Groups aren’t Surface Level & Boring!

Learn how a group format can be even more effective and deliver the depth you desire.

Take the weight off your shoulders so you aren’t under pressure to always produce results.

Experience exactly how to create the connection in the group that will become the glue of a thriving community so you aren’t constantly looking for new clients.

(Live session from 9am – 1pm PST; replay available for all registered participants)

Day 3 ~ Fri. July 28th

Put it all Together by Upgrading Your Business Plan to Be Inspiring & Mission-Driven

Create a bigger vision that inspires the right women to rally as a community behind your mission.

Discover the secret that has your perfect-fit people sign up without resistance.

Learn a step-by-step framework and process that streamlines everything, making it easy for you to transition and grow your business.

(Live session from 9am – 1pm PST; replay available for all registered participants)

This LIVE Event Starts In...


Your Time is Now

It’s time for you to give 💃 yourself the permission you need to work with the women👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 that you want to work with in the setting that you want to work in and not feel guilty about it… 💪

⏰ It’s time for you to rise up as the transformational leader 👑 you want to be, while impacting 1000s (not hundreds) of lives 👥…

It’s time for you to have more free time to let your creative energy flow and become the facilitator🎤 you desire while creating the change you want to see in the world🌍…

This isn’t for everyone. It’s for the ambitious experienced leader🙋‍♀️ who knows she’s ready for something bigger, something more fulfilling🏞️ …

So if you are ready to become a rockstar facilitator🌟 who sells out her programs, builds a raving sisterhood community👭, and establishes herself as a well-paid thought leader💡 …

Join us at the facilitation training of the year.

MEET YOUR Master Facilitator and Trainer

Tanya Lynn is the visionary founder of Sistership Circle, a seven figure global organization that has trained tens of thousands of women how to fill, lead and grow their women’s circles. With her truth telling style of leadership, she has a gift of seeing the brilliance in women and activating them to step into their power.

She has successfully integrated the masculine and feminine within herself, making her both fierce and soft, strategic and able to surrender, mission driven yet highly relatable with her vulnerability.

She has been gathering community since growing up as a little girl in San Diego CA, and lived in various places around the world including China, Japan, Spain and currently Costa Rica where she’s building a goddess temple and retreat center with her husband and business partner Brent.

Tanya is the best selling author of multiple books including Open Your Heart: How to Be a New Generation Feminine Leader, The Art of Leading Circle and The Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook.

You can count on Tanya to show up no matter what, take 100% responsibility for herself, and receive feedback to make her work even better. She values integrity, authenticity and co-creative leadership. When she’s not in a circle or training leaders, you can find her with her two daughters Kali and Summer.

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