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This Ritual Handbook, Contains

40+ Powerful Rituals to use in Sacred Ceremony

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40+ Facilitators Share
Their Top Secret Rituals

There is a secret being revealed on the planet right now, and that is the recognition of the sacred feminine nature of the universe.

Rituals have been practiced for specific purposes throughout history in all areas of life such as to improve health, have a child, establish your power as a ruler, or become more attractive for a partner.

They have also been used in sacred women’s circles to create deeper connections and manifest intentions with a group energy field.

In this handbook, you will learn 40+ circle rituals that you can use to:

As more and more women rise up into their leadership and take ownership of their truth and their voice, they feel a strong pull toward being in circle with other women.

The power of women gathering is immeasurable.

There is more demand than supply right now so we need more women to raise their hands and be the leaders of circles, creating safe, sacred space for women to come together in sisterhood.

When women come to Sistership Circle to learn how to lead circles, the #1 question they have is: what’s the structure and what rituals should I use to create a powerful and potent experience?

So I asked many of the talented facilitators that I know to contribute a ritual that they love, as well as inspirational stories on why they circle.

This handbook is designed to empower and inspire more women to lead circles using these beautiful rituals.

Many of these rituals can be done individually to invoke the divine feminine and connect deeper with oneself.

I hope you use these for your own special ceremonies, with girlfriends, or in your women’s circles.

~ Tanya Lynn

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Yes! Send me this eBook!

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