The Continuum

The Continuum is a continuation open for alumni who have completed the 12-Week Experience and are looking for an advanced circle that goes deeper into the topics and deeper into intimacy with your sisters.

In the Sistership Circle 12-Week Experience, the intention is to deepen into who you are as a woman, your relationship with sisterhood and your feminine leadership.

In The Continuum, we drill down deeper into the core themes of the 12-week experience and expand circle into our lives so the work is integrated.

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:: Continuum ::

a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct.

The Continuum Intention:

Each woman integrates all aspects of herself and shows up in her power as a feminine leader in all areas of her life. She is the change she seeks to be in the world. She is living her life in full alignment with who she wants to be.

Your self-awareness

Be the example. If you want to be a change agent, you have to be the change; it starts from within. You will have a deeper knowing of who you are and how you show up in the world by practicing self-reflection, self-responsibility, self-respect and self-reliance.

Your group awareness.

Become more aware of your relationship with others and how to work better in teams and partnerships.

Your authentic leadership.

Have more courage to be more visible because you are confident in who you are as a feminine leader. Release shame, guilt and fear of being unapologetically YOU.

The Curriculum

Love & Commitment

Month 1

Dive into what Commitment means and how it can enhance your life, creating freedom, joy and deeper love. You will create a Commitment ceremony for yourself and be witnessed by your sisters. You will fall deeper in love with yourself and your sisters.

Acceptance & Receiving

Month 2

Learn how to open arms to the new so we are not exclusive, cliquey, or closed off, creating insiders and outsiders. Weekly topics include: Embracing Change, Burning Down the Ivory Tower of Circle, Dropping Barriers for Entry, and Being With What Is.

Expression & Pressence

Month 3

Learn how to go deeper with the women in circle by Cutting through small talk, be celebrated for your quirkiness, and play your full range of emotion without being embarrassed. We’ll also have a silent circle ritual and become present to create more presence.

Worth & Power

Month 4

Get support this month with mini-masterminding while also learning how to command your power, own your inherent self-worth, own what you bring to the table and embody co-creative leadership with your strengths and talents. We will have a Lakshmi goddess ritual to honor your money.

Sister Tribe

Month 5

Dance in the conversation about sistership vs. friendship vs. mentorship.  Learn how to go deeper into intimacy with your sisters, allowing them to see your soul. We’ll also discuss how to support one another, have each other’s backs, and create partnership and collaboration.

Celebration & Completion

Month 6

Our society rarely focuses on completion, which is essentially cleaning up integrity with projects and people. Allow yourself to feel the sadness and celebration of completion. We’ll feel filled with a powerful acknowledgement ritual and complete the program creating a new future for ourselves.

The Structure

Goal Setting

Each woman sets her intention for a specific accomplishment she wants to achieve during her time in The Continuum. She sets a date and once it is accomplished, creates a new intention. All intentions will be written and shared in a group forum.

Each woman claims her “north star” or her feminine essence that will be the guiding light for her to achieve her goals. This is the feminine energy she is working with and helps align her actions.

Each woman has a sister to act as her accountability buddy for further support and collaboration.

Self-Awareness and Group Awareness Check-ins

Each woman has time to clear her blocks and ask for support during each gathering.

The group stays mindful to the collective energy and has an opportunity to deepen into relationship with one another.


Each month has a topic from our 12 week curriculum for discussion and reflections.

Embodiment Practices & Ritual

Each woman gets trained with our embodied deepening practices and performs sacred rituals to support her in shining in her feminine leadership.

Co-Creative Leadership

Each woman practices leading the group with a partner to gain confidence in her gifts, talents and strengths.


Once a quarter, we divide into groups of 3-4 to talk about our individual projects and receive brainstorming, feedback and support.

Join a community that is committed to making a difference for women from all around the world.

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