Patrina Wisdom

The Badass Bodacious Mama

After losing her husband of 20 years to suicide and learning that she was pregnant with her fourth child the same day, Patrina Wisdom took two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader, and began the process of her Badass Bodacious Life.

She made the tough decision to awaken her life by walking away from the financial business that she and her late husband spent 12 years building to pursue a career that revolves around her passion for empowering and supporting women.

Fast forward 6 short years, She is a thriving CEO mom-preneur, published author, and a dynamic speaker that has graced the stages of Lisa Nichols, eWomen Network and TedX just to name a few…

Patrina offers insight into transformational self-discovery that empowers other women and mom-preneurs to move into purpose, create work life balance, and let nothing stop them from creating a Badass Bodacious Life!

Her visionary work allows her to travel the world inspiring others through her Wisdom Teachings, inspired parenting techniques (including homeschooling, mindfulness, and meditation), and her feminine model of entrepreneurship leaving CEO’s and mom-preneurs feeling acknowledged, encouraged, and equipped.