Sarah Wilder

Soulpreneur and Boss Goddess

Sarah Wilder is the creative Soulpreneur and Boss Goddess behind The Fifth Element Life, a sacred online store connecting body, mind and spirit, and home of the ever-popular Mandala ring range. Wise beyond her years, Sarah combines her love of nature and design to intuitively create conscious talismans, products, workshops and services to connect kindred sisters with the path of their spirit. Founder of ‘The Kindred Sisterhood’−a tribe of like-souled women who are connected by their mandala talismans and unique life journeys−Sarah has organically grown a global cult following across the world. Her purpose is to empower women to tell and own their stories with pride, express themselves honestly and provide tools to guide them through uncharted energy territories. It it through her own unique multi-faceted + zoomancy lenses that we can learn that we must look to nature to learn about our own. Led by her philanthropic heart, Sarah’s intention is to work closely with a range of native and farm animals across the world, learning from them and supporting sanctuaries and organisations dedicated to kindness and advocacy.