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Learn the 4 Pillars to Become an Advanced Master Circle Facilitator


so that you can transition out of the grind and into the financially abundant container of group facilitation.

For the woman who’s ready to build a thriving business by mastering the art of group transformation without experiencing overwhelm, burn-out, or fatigue

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The Mastery Experience:

Master the Art of Transformational Group Facilitation

The Mastery Experience

Friday, June 28th, 2024 | 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM PST

Ready To Go All The Way?

You’ve discovered Sistership Circle and it calls something forth deep in your bones. It’s the call of community and the ancient way of the feminine. You aren’t interested in just doing a monthly gathering for fun. You are serious about making leading circles your full time purpose work. And you know it requires you to become unshakeable in your confidence to handle anything and everything that comes up in a group setting … so that you create repeat and referral clients that form a community dedicated to contributing to your larger mission and vision.


The Problem: Sister Gatherings Don't Cut It

People typically think of Sister Gatherings when they think of circles. These are one-off, low commitment events like a monthly New Moon Circle. 

While Sister Gatherings are intended to build a supportive and connected community, a serious leader understands that they are a gateway to take women deeper into the circle medicine

That gateway is into your Signature Circle Program. The longer term container allows for women to go through a transformational process together. There’s more depth, more intimacy, and more lasting change because the medicine of the circle works on them over a period of time.

The Solution: Your Signature Circle Program

This Live Event Starts In...





When you know how to facilitate transformational “experiences” and embody the confidence of a visionary leader, you step into a new realm of influence, attracting perfect-fit people to your containers with ease.

You sell out your programs because everyone is telling their friends and family about you…
You build a raving sisterhood community that will stay together for the long run (which means you won’t constantly be on the hunt for new clients).
And establish yourself as a well-paid thought leader, creating the impact that you desire.

All while enjoying the rest of your life … because work isn’t everything.

What This Means For You

Operating in the Circle framework is going to open up doors for you and your business that you never thought were possible.

You’re going to be able to:

The Agenda

Here’s what you can expect during our time together

Your Vision & Path to Fulfillment: Get Clear on Your Big Vision and Your Signature Circle Program

It starts with your why and larger vision that women can rally behind and makes them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. 

Then we begin to map out the thing you want to become known for as the foundation of your Signature Circle Program.

Who You Have to Be … The 4 Pillars of Feminine Leadership

There are two essential requirements to leading a circle community: the first is that you are a leader who others know, like and trust. The second is that you have the skills to create deep transformation.


The Secret Sauce … How to Hold Potent, Intimate, Deep Space with the Transformational Arc

The transformational arc is the journey from Point A (where they are now) to Point B (where they want to be). In the middle is the depth, the place that you as the facilitator want to feel more comfortable with. The secret is getting comfortable getting uncomfortable.

This is not your typical teach-and-preach online event.
This is an experiential and embodied experience where you get to feel what it’s like to be in a powerful circle container.
Because if you really want to create the magic, you have to have the visceral experience of it first.

Meet your master facilitator and trainer

Tanya Lynn is the visionary founder of Sistership Circle, a seven figure global organization that has trained tens of thousands of women how to fill, lead and grow their women’s circles. With her truth telling style of leadership, she has a gift of seeing the brilliance in women and activating them to step into their power.

She has successfully integrated the masculine and feminine within herself, making her both fierce and soft, strategic and able to surrender, mission driven yet highly relatable with her vulnerability.

She has been gathering community since growing up as a little girl in San Diego CA, and lived in various places around the world including China, Japan, Spain and currently Costa Rica where she’s building a goddess temple and retreat center with her husband and business partner Brent.

Tanya is the best selling author of multiple books including Open Your Heart: How to Be a New Generation Feminine Leader, The Art of Leading Circle and The Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook.

You can count on Tanya to show up no matter what, take 100% responsibility for herself, and receive feedback to make her work even better. She values integrity, authenticity and co-creative leadership. When she’s not in a circle or training leaders, you can find her with her two daughters Kali and Summer.

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