The Business of Women's Circle

Training to Increase your Income as a Women's Circle Program Leader

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Program Starts July 11

(enrollment ends July 8)


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(4) Payments


*Leading at least 1 circle prior to enrollment is required.

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Are you ready to attract more women to your gatherings so your community grows?

And start making money doing this sacred work so you aren’t feeling burned out from overgiving?

Then Business of Circle is for you!

This intensive 4-month program will give you the support, accountability and mentorship to make it happen.

At Sistership Circle, we are committed to empowering you to make money leading circles by using our proven curriculum, system and structure.

Business of Circle is designed to support you in up-leveling your leadership so that you can launch your first long-term circle program.

Our Promise

You will to walk away with these four things:
  • Fulfill on your vision

    Get clear on who you are and who you want to serve so you can build a thriving local circle community of like-minded, powerful women.

  • Trust your voice

    Feel confident that what you have to say matters and inspire women with your passion and enthusiasm to join the circle movement.

  • Own your value

    Know deep in your bones that you got this — you can hold the container and facilitate circle — and you deserve to get paid for creating transformation and building community.

  • Become more visible

    Allow yourself to be seen in your vulnerability as a feminine leader so that you give other women permission to be themselves and show up in circle.

How it Works

A 4-month Curriculum to become an authentic leader to attract more women and fill your circle program.

First, you’re going to learn the basics of the business so that you have a foundation for the rest of your career, no matter what you do

Second, you’re going to learn “timeless” guerrilla marketing that includes your messaging, visibility, and the secret to exponential growth so that you can call in women from any town and any platform

Third, you’re going to reframe sales to “connected conversations” and how to share the value so women say yes and commit

Finally, you’re going to shift your money mindset and embody the “6-figure Lakshmi Facilitator” so that you are an energetic match for the money you want to make

  • Level 2 Certification

    Upon completion of all the course material and calls, after leading your first circle program with at least 6 other participants, you qualify to become a Sistership Circle Level 2 Certified Facilitator!

  • Masculine/Feminine Integration

    We focus on both the masculine strategy, structure and plan as well as the feminine magnetism of who you are being as a leader to make you the most successful leader as possible.

  • Weekly Training Modules​

    Each Module contains step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates and scripts, supplemental materials, and action guides designed to take you through the exact process to grow your circles.

  • Weekly Circle Coaching Call

    Every week you will have a weekly circle call via Zoom video conference with other participants and your trainer. On these calls, you will work all the aspects of your circle business and receive real time feedback and coaching from your trainer.

  • Practice Time & Feedback

    We know that confidence comes from experience and so we create the opportunity for you to practice leading in your circle pod. Your sisters give you valuable feedback to increase your confidence and give you confirmation that you are on the right path. This is what makes our program stand out … we give you information, application and practice.

  • Sisterhood Support

    Many women join our program to lead a circle because they personally want deeper connections with like-minded women and want to create the space for themselves and others. You will develop meaningful relationships with other feminine leaders around the world and be part of a community of women empowering women.

  • Coaching & Accountability

    This program is focused on you taking aligned, consistent action that results in greater impact, so we create a plan with tangible goals for your circle business. Each week we track your progress and coach you through the process of getting your first circle program started.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Have a question? Need support? We’ve got an open forum where all of our members can meet to discuss what they are working on, challenges that they face and overcome, tips on facilitation, what worked and what didn’t work for their marketing, and much more.

  • Lifetime Access

    All program materials including recordings of your circle calls will be available to review for any circle that you hold in the future as many times as you want. You can relax knowing you will never fall behind on the content.

  • Tested and Proven

    We’ve been running this program for years and have successful graduates who are now How to Lead Circle trainers, running 6-figure businesses, and more.

  • 100% Online

    You can do this from the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas from bed without putting any makeup on.

  • Sister Promise

    You are safe in our container because we have our sister promise that if you don’t like the program after showing up at the first circle, you can get a 100% refund guaranteed.

Instant Bonuses

Business Building Video Modules

You’ll have access to a library of content on list building, getting women to show up, networking, content marketing strategy, becoming an influencer, moving through fear, and more.

The Awakening 8-Week Program

You’ll have an opportunity to co-lead our signature 8-week program called The Awakening: Step into Circle with other women in your cohort to practice leading, feel more confident, and use as a curriculum if you don't have one.

90 Day Launch Course

This is huge! You’ll have access to all the course materials for creating a launch event in 90 days. This is a great way to fill your first circle program if it feels aligned with your personality.

Facilitator Tribe Membership

You’ll have access to all the Facilitator Tribe content and calls as soon as you register until the last call of Business of Circle so that you have monthly gatherings and access to post on our site.

Join Us Sister!

It’s time to move out of the struggle and into your power so your circles fill effortlessly and leading becomes second nature to you. We are committed to having you thrive as a circle leader, fulfilling on your vision to bring circle to your community. If you are all in and ready to take the fast track to your success, then take the leap … we’ve got you!

At Sistership Circle, we believe that the power of women gathering in circle is so great that this is how we will change the world. Our mission is to empower the leadership in as many women as possible on this planet.

We believe circle and feminine leadership go hand in hand … where we collaborate instead of compete, and celebrate each other’s greatness instead of putting each other down.

Imagine if there was a local women’s circle in every town all over the world. With a tribe of women behind you, you become unstoppable. Imagine a world with hundreds of thousands of women gathering in circle: feeling held, supported, and loved by one another. How might our planet be transformed for the better?

This is why we need women like YOU to say YES and become the leaders and facilitators of this movement… YOU are the catalyst for more circles to exist, and with YOU, we can help to create more opportunities for women to gather and support one another all over the world.

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