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Our Mission

We are a community of dedicated stewardesses committed to changing the collective consciousness of our current society. We are a stand for healing ourselves, the sister wound and empowering women’s leadership around the globe.

We honor the path of the facilitator as a sacred rite of passage. It is not easy; it requires us to be B.R.A.V.E. – bold, responsible, authentic, vulnerable and empathetic. Women who choose to step into this role are literally transformed through the process.

Our facilitator path supports our vision of a million Sistership Circles around the globe. We designed a proven training and licensing model to empower women at any point along their journey in leading women’s circles.

Our Path

A step-by-step process to grow your network, supplement your income and spread the circle movement

From the woman that has never lead a circle to the woman that has been leading circles for decades. Our circles, training and curriculum have been designed to grow, support and empower any women at any point along her circle journey.

The path begins with the “How to Lead Circle” program where you learn how we lead circle at Sistership Circle. Upon completion, you become a Level 1 Facilitator to lead local gatherings and progress through each level until you are training Sistership Circle facilitators yourself.

*An active Facilitator Tribe license and completion of the How to Lead Circle: 12 Week Women’s Circle Facilitator Training Program is required to post your Sistership Circles on our “Find a Women’s Circle” event calendar.

Level 1 – “Impact”

Impact Score: 0-999

As a Level 1 Sistership Circle facilitator, you’re focused on holding consistently monthly gatherings that are focused on connection, support and collaboration to build your community base. These gatherings are intended to build your community base and should be larger in size with a minimal price point to attract more women.

We provide all the necessary tools, support and fresh content in How to Lead Circle and our membership to have women coming back for more month after month.

Once they get a taste of the community, you invite them to go deeper in a longer term circle program, designed to be more intimate and take them on a transformational journey.

Our circles create a ripple effect across the globe, measured by our Impact Score. This number is calculated on our website and reflects the reach, touch and contribution our facilitators have made to the movement.

Level 2 – “Income”

As a Level 2 Sistership Circle facilitator, you’ve established yourself as a leader in your community and are consistently drawing women to the movement.

You’re implementing the Circle Business Model of enrolling women from monthly gatherings into a long term circle program.

In our Level 2 training, we provide 8-week and 12-week curriculums as well as teach you how to create your own Signature Circle program that brings together all of your unique talents, skills, and modalities.

The long term circle program is what actually makes money leading circles, and because women are having the deeper transformation, you are experiencing more referrals and momentum, boosting your confidence in your circle leadership.

There is more flow and ease as you are implementing the Sistership Circle system, and you believe in the mission in every cell of your body.


Level 3 – “Influence”

Impact Score: 10,000-99,999

As a Level 3 Sistership Circle facilitator, you’ve mastered the art of circle and have woven it into your everyday life. You’ve established yourself as a pillar in the circle movement and women look to you for leadership and inspiration. You are an empowered and embodied rockstar transformational facilitator.

With the help of our Mastery of Circle program you’re expanding your influence, leading programs and retreats that have developed your “thought leadership” – the expertise that you hold in the world as a feminine leader.

You’ve also successfully started to integrate coaching or your other gifts and talents into your circles so women have multiple ways to work with you in and outside circle.

Our training empowers women to expand their capacity and reach new levels of leadership without sacrificing their wellbeing.

Level 4 – “Ignite”

Impact Score: 100,000+

As a Level 4 Sistership Circle facilitator you’ve demonstrated your leadership and your natural next step is to train other women from around the world to be Sistership Circle facilitators. Some of whom may have been in one or two of your very first circles.

You’ve successfully completed the Train-the-Trainer program and have joined the Sistership Circle training team to ignite the leadership in as many women as possible to join the movement.

You are Sistership Circle.

Our Circles

Build your community with our epic, proven circle curriculums

We’ve developed different types of circles to help you build community with width and depth. You have access to a wide breadth of curriculum to utilize depending on your License Level.

Gathering Facilitators - Level 1+

Once a month, we hold a drop-in circle open to the public called “The Gathering”. It’s a non-committal opportunity for women to come and experience what circle is all about.

Gatherings typically have 3-30 women in attendance, last between 2-3 hours during a weekday evening, and consist of sharing, ritual and connection exercises.

Some of our facilitators run their gatherings for free while others charge upwards of $30 depending on how much they value their offering and own their worth as a facilitator.

Held twice a year (Dec & Jun), Sistership Circle Day is designed for our community to come together, synchronize our circles and demonstrate the power of the collective.

We honor the individual and the collective by giving you an outline for the day and give you permission to modify to fit your unique strengths and talents.

These circles are utilized as a donation based fundraiser to bring awareness to the #onemillioncircles movement and the community it helps spread and support.

Circle Day

Program Facilitators - Level 2+

The Experience is a 12-week format designed as an immersive experience for women to deepen into who they are as a woman, deepen into sisterhood and deepen into their feminine leadership.

Weeks 1-6 are universally focused on the self such as self-love and self-care. Weeks 7-12 are focused on the collective such as our relationship with sisterhood and men.

Our facilitators typically charge $200-$400 per woman, a great source of supplemental income to make you feel like your work is valued and appreciated.

The Awakening is a series of 8-week formats designed to introduce women to the art of circle and how to incorporate the distinctions into everyday life.

The first curriculum covers the six aspects of circle so women can learn how to bring circle work into their daily lives, such as “how to listen.”

This series provides women an opportunity to “stay in circle,” which deepens the bond of community while providing you a consistent income stream.

Master Facilitators - Level 3+

Our 3-day live events are held once a year as an opportunity for women in your community to dive deep together and new women to experience the magic of Sistership Circle.

Feminine Uprising LIVE takes women through a three day process to release, reclaim and rise up into leadership.

These annual events are held regionally and co-created by you and the women in the Mastery of Circle program as an opportunity to step into the spotlight and become influencers in the movement.

Our Programs

Four world-class training programs to be a transformational circle facilitator
Our training programs are designed to take you from A – Z of building a Sistership Circle business using our curriculum’s and platform so you can effectively make an impact, increase your income and expand your influence.
Gathering Facilitator - Level 1

A Rite of Passage! The first step is to join How to Lead Circle, our 12-week flagship program, where you are introduced to our culture and our framework.

You’ll go through an embodied experience of how we do circle that is unique with our distinctions, rituals and structure … and with profound layers of depth like nothing else out there. No matter how many years you’ve been leading circles, you’ll learn something new and gain confidence.

You’ll practice facilitation skills within the program, and receive guidance to lead a successful local circle gathering.

At the end of the program you will host your (first) circle gathering with 100’s of other women on Sistership Circle Day in support of the “March to a Million Circles” movement.

This is the gateway into the community and prerequisites for licensing our material.

Program Facilitator - Level 2

Create your Signature Circle Program: an 8 or 12-week transformational container that brings together your passion and unique skills with circle distinctions.

The Medicine of Circle is a program for women who are serious about turning their circles into a business.

You’ll receive the guidance, mentorship and training to successfully implement the next phase of the business model.

Your Signature Circle Program is what you become known for, creating a group container that establishes yourself as a well-paid thought leader because you are taking women through a transformational journey that’s more engaged, connected and intimate than any typical group coaching program (boring!)

It’s where you will put together ALL the multiple skills and modalities that you’ve cultivated over the years, essentially creating your signature body of work.

It’s the way you will grow beyond the one to one service model to impact more people in a deeply fulfilling way.

And it’s also where you will grow beyond monthly Sister Gatherings to make more money and turn your circles into a profitable business.

Master Facilitator - Level 3

Become a rockstar! Mastery of Circle is an 6-month advanced program for women who are leading circles and ready to step into greater influence, becoming a sought out leader.

We focus on mastering transformational facilitation skills that create epic experiences for your circles, workshops and retreats. We’ll also teach you to authentically integrate your coaching program or additional offerings to increase your income.

This is where you establish your “brand” within the Sistership Circle community and as a pillar in the circle movement.

Train-the-Trainer - Level 4

Train women to step into leadership! After successfully leading circle programs and establishing a solid circle business the natural next step is to step into becoming a Sistership Circle Trainer for our training programs.

This is for you if you know you are here to empower the leadership in other women by modeling what it looks like and guiding women through the process that you’ve already gone through.

By becoming a Sistership Circle Trainer, you expand your tool set to expand your leadership and influence, while also getting paid for your wisdom and support.

Our Movement

A Platform and Community that Grows With You

Join the Sistership Circle movement with the support you need to thrive so that you don’t have to struggle by yourself with all the nuiances of starting from scratch.



Our community is made up of high quality, dedicated women who show up and are committed to the rise of the divine feminine through circle work.


We value connection with ourselves, one another and the planet. We create sacred sistership based on self responsibility, respect, reliance and reflection.


Women stick around … some members of our community have been with us since inception and plan to be with us for life.


We value celebrating one another’s gifts over competing with one another. We have developed a culture where we give one another permission to shine.


We value co-creation and welcome all voices at the round table. Our circle outlines and curriculums are co-created by multiple contributors.


We value collaboration where we share ideas, resources and reflections because we know two minds are smarter than one.


Credibility & Social Proof

We have built a robust website as the platform for our community. As a licensed Facilitator, you get your own personalized Facilitator Page linked to your events on our calendar, which gives you instant social proof and credibility as a leader in a global organization. We take care of all payments and backend administration, saving you money, time and technical headaches.

Freedom & Autonomy

We have designed our circle outlines with your unique essence in mind. Which means that you can use the script word for word, or use your creativity to modify and edit the outline to suit your strengths, talents and skills. We want you to feel empowered in your freedom of expression.

Training & Support

With a leadership team, trainer team, tech team and admin team, you’ve got top notch support behind you. One of the biggest struggles of an entrepreneur in trying to grow is getting the support to expand. You’re gifted this right from the start.

Proven Business Model

We honor women’s work and believe facilitators should be compensated for the service they provide to their communities. We have designed a “circle business model” where each level increases your income and your influence. We teach you how to create demand for your circles and charge more as you advance on the path.

Circle Outlines

Receive new, fresh circle outlines each month containing powerful rituals, playlists and activities. We cover topics and themes that are relevant to what women want and need. All you need to do is share the message, gather the women, and lead them in circle.

Marketing & Branding

Creating your own brand takes tremendous resources. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you have a global brand behind you with a professional website, stunning marketing banners and memes, done-for-you and up-to-date marketing copy that sells, and other tools to make you look good.

Circle Calculator

How many women will be in your circle?


How much will you charge per women?


How many months will your circle last?


How many circles will you lead at a time?

$ /mo
*Our Sistership Circle facilitators charge $300/per woman for our Signature 12-Week Circle Program.

Our Voice

Hev – Birmingham, UK

Ann – Suisun City, CA

Naki – Washington D.C.

Pina – San Diego, CA

Quanta – San Diego, CA

Christina – Los Angeles, CA

Join Us Sister!

Let’s make this the year that you finally have the breakthrough and put your circle on the map. It’s time to stop putting it off and take action with supportive loving sisterhood, experienced mentorship, and powerful accountability. You have no idea how many women are seeking sisterhood and literally WAITING for you to make that announcement. Yes, women need YOU!

At Sistership Circle, we believe that the power of women gathering in circle is so great that this is how we will change the world. Our mission is to empower the leadership in as many women as possible on this planet.

We believe circle and feminine leadership go hand in hand … where we collaborate instead of compete, and celebrate each other’s greatness instead of putting each other down.

Imagine if there was a local women’s circle in every town all over the world. With a tribe of women behind you, you become unstoppable. Imagine a world with hundreds of thousands of women gathering in circle: feeling held, supported, and loved by one another. How might our planet be transformed for the better?

This is why we need women like YOU to say YES and become the leaders and facilitators of this movement… YOU are the catalyst for more circles to exist, and with YOU, we can help to create more opportunities for women to gather and support one another all over the world.

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