Mastery of Circle Leadership

Do you know deep down that you are meant to lead circle?

This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a global movement of sisterhood. You will grow tremendously as a leader, be fulfilled from empowering other women and create income doing what you love.


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What is Mastery?

“Mastery is for women who know they were born to lead profitable circles.” ~ Tanya Lynn

Mastery is a 10-month journey to dive deep into your feminine soul and emerge leading from your fullest expression so that you make the money and the impact you desire. It’s where feminine essence and cultivation meet business training held in a supportive sisterhood container.

The feminine uprising that is happening requires a new paradigm of leadership where:

  • We stand shoulder to shoulder in sisterhood and create a non-judgmental container for women worldwide.
  • We find the courage to stand up and speak our truth in the most difficult situations instead of suffering in silence and giving our power away.
  • We thrive financially and shift the wealth of the world into the hands of spiritually conscious women who favor people, planet and profits equally.
  • We give one another permission to shine and all rise up together so that we collectively make a greater impact for the wellbeing of all beings.

We believe that circle is the vehicle for this new paradigm to exist.  It is when a woman steps into facilitating circle that she unlocks this immeasurable power hidden deep inside her. With the right training, tools, support, and practice ANY woman can become a powerful feminine leader, unleashing her brilliance into the world to catalyze this new paradigm. This uprising starts with YOU.

Why Sistership Circle? Two Words. Support & Community

Leadership & Mentorship

I have thousands of hours of leadership experience leading groups since 2007 and have trained dozens of women in starting and leading their own groups. The success of the Sistership Circle Facilitators is my top priority. All facilitators get unlimited access to coaching and mentorship via email and Voxer.

Frontend Support

Use our social media platforms, website, email templates, scripts and training guides to fill your circles. We teach you how to host an introduction, have effective enrollment conversations and overcome objections. Our team is also available to help you have conversations with women.

Backend Support

You don’t have to build a new website or figure out how to collect payments; all of that is done on We also have a membership forum to support your circle in connecting with each other between meetings and with the larger Sistership community.

Team and Unity

Many people want to start their own thing, but our impact is greater when we work as a team. I have developed a curriculum that is universal so that any woman can resonate with it and feel as if it is her own. Over and over again, I have women thank me for creating a structure. That was my goal so that we can all come together as one Sistership Circle on the planet. Together in sisterhood we are stronger.

Facilitator Accountability

The Sistership Circle Facilitator team is a tight knit circle in and of itself. These women have each other’s backs and welcome new facilitators into the leadership circle. The leaders have created a safe “judgment-free” space for one another to cry, vent, clear, celebrate, brag and shine. The team holds each woman accountable to her highest brilliance, calling out the monkey mind and inspiring truth.

Supplemental Income

The facilitator role is extremely valuable; you should be compensated for pulling together the women, delivering a transformational curriculum, and holding the space for deeper connection. We are a stand for women getting paid doing what they love, so they have financial abundance to support their families, their communities and making the world a better place.

Our Mission

I believe in the power of women gathering in circle and my mission is to empower the leadership in as many women as possible on this planet. As we become increasingly conscious, we can see the power of collaborating instead of competing with one another and becoming more mindful of our impact on others and the planet.

Imagine if there was a local circle in every town. When women feel seen and heard, they light up. They feel empowered to make a difference. When women work together, magic happens. We are by nature nurturers, connectors and caretakers. This is why we need women to raise their hands and be the catalyst for more circles to exist, more places for women to gather and support one another.

Sistership Circle’s signature offering is a 12-week program designed to have women connect with what it means to be a woman, develop meaningful, deep relationships with other women, and step into their feminine leadership. We have two advanced programs to support women in going deeper. Women rave about their experience of being seen, heard, loved and valued. They gain confidence to speak their truth. As one woman puts it, “I finally found my tribe! I feel like I’ve come home!”

~ Tanya Lynn

What are you waiting for?

If you are a leader who feels it is her soul’s calling to gather the tribe together, then you have come to the right place. Sistership Circle has a proven model that works, a team that will support you in your leadership, and a growing, global network that you can tap into. We are creating a movement that will move the way the world works. Together we are stronger. Let’s do this!

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