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A 9-Month Advanced Women's Circle Facilitator Training Program

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Early November 2022

Our Level 1 Women’s Circle Certification and Level 2 Business of Women’s Circle Pre-Req’s Required.

What is Mastery?

Mastery is a 9-month journey for women who are already leading circles to step into their next level of visibility as pillars in the Women’s Circle movement, leading the feminine uprising on the planet.

The feminine uprising that is happening requires a new paradigm of leadership where:

  • We stand shoulder to shoulder in sisterhood and create a non-judgmental container for women worldwide.

  • We find the courage to stand up and speak our truth in the most difficult situations instead of suffering in silence and giving our power away.

  • We thrive financially and shift the wealth of the world into the hands of spiritually conscious women who favor people, planet and profits equally.

  • We give one another permission to shine and all rise up together so that we collectively make a greater impact for the well-being of all beings.

Why Mastery?

Mastery of Women’s Circle is the final step on our path to becoming a licensed and certified women’s circle facilitator. Once our facilitators have started leading a 12-week circle program, they start to build confidence in themselves as they see the impact and income that is possible from doing this sacred women’s circle work. You are ready for more? The next level of leadership is finding your distinct voice in the Sistership Circle Movement, and guiding women deeper in their transformation. This requires you to dig deeper into your own feminine soul and embody the distinctions of circle leadership so that you are literally the living, breathing example of this work. Mastery is designed to take you deeper with the Feminine Freedom Method and give you more tools and training to facilitate transformational experiences. In this program, you will learn how to integrate the art of circle and the art of coaching so that your offering to your local community is more rich and potent. You will develop your thought leadership so that you expand your influence and become a pillar in the Sistership Circle movement. It’s time to be unapologetic for your voice and your power. It’s time to come out and reveal yourself as you come home to the sanctuary of your soul.

Step Into Your Power!

In this program, you’ve mastered the art of circle and have woven it into your everyday life, giving yourself full permission to claim your desires and feel empowered to make all your dreams a reality including:

  • You find your sweet spot where you shine in your unique brilliance and create your circle offering that is in most alignment with your feminine soul.

  • You charge what you are worth, doing what you love and making the money you need to make so you and your family thrive in this material world.

  • You build a structure and system that allows for your feminine soul to flourish in her radiance and make massive impact in the surrounding world.

  • You create partnerships, relationships and friendships in life and business that nourish and nurture you to be in your fullest expression.

  • You express your creativity and unleash your voice in the world, becoming a thought leader who inspires and empowers other women to do the same.

How the Program Works

A Curriculum Based on Intensive Retreats, Ongoing Practice, & Real World Implementation

Journey 1: Release

The Feminine Descent

Go deeper within yourself to lead a deeper transformational experiences for others.

The first journey is an unraveling of all that you think you are so that you can get down to your core essence and meet your feminine soul.

  • Practice the Feminine Freedom Method to strip and release all the limited beliefs, social conditioning and negative patterns.

  • Embody the art of full surrender so that you stop doubting your capabilities and allow yourself to be guided by a power higher than yourself when you lead.

  • Build an authentic relationship with the divine feminine so you are able to trust yourself, your sisters and the goddess herself.

  • Heal your mother and father wounds to become a whole and complete feminine leader.

  • Learn to channel your anger into action to become an unstoppable force for good in the world.

  • Tap into the natural cycles and rhythms of the moon and mother earth to become become more present, empathetic and responsive as a facilitator.

Journey 2: Reclaim

Ignite & Cultivate Your Feminine Super Powers

Embody your pleasure and prosperity as you step into your leadership in all areas of your life. Rewrite the script of your life and systematically implementing 5 feminine leadership principles so you are living your life by design.

  • Set healthy boundaries with others so you aren’t spreading yourself thin and you are in harmony with the people around you.

  • Practice exquisite self-care so you continue to radiate and shine and not burn out

  • Build your support system so you aren’t doing it all alone

  • Feel confident to speak your truth

  • Gain clarity in who you are, why you are here, and what you are here to do

  • Feel connected and safe within yourself, with others and the world

“Mastery is for women who know they were born to lead profitable circles.” – Tanya Lynn

Journey 3: Rise

Stepping into the Light

Maintain and sustain your light in the world with strategic planning and actions.

Take massive action and become visible as a leader in the world as you go through our Signature 90-Day Launch Formula to put your circles on the map.

  • Claim pleasure and prosperity as your birthright so that you are magnetic and attracting women no matter where you live to be part of your movement.

  • Breakthrough visibility challenges so you feel comfortable being seen on social media and locally, making marketing your circles easier.

  • Clearly articulate your message, including your story of transformation, so that others are touched, moved and inspired by your passion.

  • Put on your first “Launch Party” to build massive momentum, gain traction and activate your first 12-week circle program.

  • Become a powerhouse, credible leader in the community to build your network.

  • Practice Tanya’s system for “Feminine Based Enrollment Conversations” so you become masterful at filling your circles.

  • Implement the Circle Business Blueprint to get out of the rut of charging too little and not making enough money.

Journey 4: Receive

Leading like a Queen with Power and Grace

Integrate what you learned and practice exquisite self-care as a feminine leader.

  • Continue to transform money blocks into rivers where you are easily and gracefully receptive to compensation for your sacred work.

  • Become initiated as a queen so you continue to serve from your heart and increase your impact.

  • Integrate all that you learned so it becomes normal to see life’s circumstances and challenges as working for you instead of against you.

  • Continue to build your funnel so that you continue to flourish after the program ends.

  • Gain clarity in who you are, why you are here, and what you are here to do

  • Feel connected and safe within yourself, with others and the world

The Support Structure

For 9 months, you are held in a tight container that consists of high touch 1:1 mentorship and group calls in addition to 2 intensive retreats.

  • 2 Intensive Retreats ($10,000 value)

    We meet in June for a 6-day intensive to help you release and unravel the belief structures that have held you back from being your authentic self. We meet again in September for a 4-day intensive to help you step fully into visibility in the world.

  • Biweekly Group Activation Calls ($7,200 value)

    Twice a month we meet as a group for a lesson that includes sharing, processes, and embodiment practices. These calls are designed to as breakthrough experiences so you are constantly living and breathing the work, gaining confidence to take action in your life and business.

  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls + Voxer Messaging ($5,000 value)

    You have monthly 60-min private coaching call sessions designed to keep you focused and on track with the program intentions. This is where we dive deep together to uncover any blind spots, take your power back in difficult situations, come up with your offering, and strategize on your unique business plan. You also have unlimited access to coaching via Whatsapp, a phone messaging app.

  • Monthly Co-Creative Leadership Calls (priceless!)

    You will be paired with a soul sister who you will support and be supported by to fulfill on the program intentions. Once a month, you will have a call together to practice leading, enrolling and speaking. This is also the time for masterminding and emotional support.

Plus These Bonuses

  • Mastery of Circle Video Modules and Guest Mentorship ($2,000 value)

  • Healing the Sisterhood Wound: Shifting From Competition to Celebration Course ($497)

  • Feminine Uprising LIVE 2020 ($497 value)

  • 10-month membership to Facilitator Tribe Membership ($897 value)

What Women Are Saying

Join Us Sister!

It’s time to move out of the struggle and into your power so your circles fill effortlessly and leading becomes second nature to you. We are committed to having you thrive as a circle leader, fulfilling on your vision to bring circle to your community. If you are all in and ready to take the fast track to your success, then take the leap … we’ve got you!

About Tanya

I believe that circle is the vehicle for this new paradigm to exist.  It is when a woman steps into facilitating circle that she unlocks this immeasurable power hidden deep inside her. With the right training, tools, support, and practice ANY woman can become a powerful feminine leader, unleashing her brilliance into the world to catalyze this new paradigm. This uprising starts with YOU.

Tanya Lynn is a “strategic activator” — gifted at coaching women to soar to new heights by putting together a plan that maximizes their talents and strengths and taking bold, courageous actions to fulfill on their intentions.

Tanya is the visionary CEO behind the international organization, Sistership Circle. She started training facilitators to use her proven 12-week Circle Program based on her bestselling book Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader.

She is a respected leader in the industry from clients and colleagues alike because she’s the real deal, living and breathing her work.

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