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The Experience

A 12-Week Transformational Women's Circle

Join Us Sister!

Our Facilitators Create Epic Circle Experiences for Women Across the Globe

  • We Create Connection:

    In our circles, we create a sacred space where the conversations are authentic and the connection is nourishing to your soul.

  • We Offer & Receive Support:

    Together, we support each other in embracing our individual truths and reclaim our feminine grace, power and strength.

  • We Practice Feminine Leadership:

    We see ourselves as the leaders of our own lives and practice being the example for others to rise up to their greatest potential.

  • We Speak Our Truth:

    We give one another permission to be real, vulnerable, and authentic. We claim our freedom of self-expression and gain confidence to speak our truth.

  • We Listen To Each Other’s Brilliance:

    We listen to one another with compassion, understanding and respect so we feel seen and heard.

The First Six Weeks

THE FIRST SIX WEEKS FOCUS PRIMARILY ON “YOU”, who you are as a woman. We hold a very safe and sacred container with absolutely no feedback; instead after you share you receive a “beam” from every woman where she sends you acknowledgement through the palms of her hands. This makes every woman light up with a smile because she feels seen, heard and loved for her share. We build a deep bond and trust amongst the circle during the first half because of the special structure and rituals.

  • Self Love

    Love yourself as a divine feminine woman with both shadow and light. Love yourself as the woman who you’ve always wanted to be.

  • Self Acceptance

    Accept your power and trust the divine within yourself. Receiving yourself starts with accepting the full package of who you are.

  • Self Forgiveness

    Explore full forgiveness for everyone who has done you harm, which starts with forgiving yourself. This is the pathway to inner peace and joy.

  • Self Care

    Set up a foundation for yourself so that self-care becomes second nature to you instead of something you feel guilty about.

  • Self Expession

    Own your body, feel your body, express your embodiment. Release sexual shame, get in touch with your sensuality and find your creative flow.

  • Self Worth

    You are divinely compensated for your innate gifts and talents. Looking at the numbers can be difficult and yet the most liberating.

The Final Six Weeks

In the 7th week, the focus shifts to WE, the collective sistership tribe. Each sister gets paired up with another sister to co-lead one of the remaining circles. While this may seem scary and difficult, even the most shy and introverted women have found it to be a “piece of cake” and loved having the opportunity to practice her feminine leadership. Every woman gets to embody collaboration, partnership and co-creative leadership so she can bring it into the other areas of her life.

  • Co-Creative Leadership

    In a culture dominated by individuality, we are rarely taught how to have healthy, functional relationships within tribe. This week we transition from ME to WE and start to embody collaboration.

  • Sisterhood Tribe

    You are a direct reflection of the women in the sisterhood. Explore both the wounding that you have experienced with women and the support that you have received from women.

  • The Three C's

    Commitment, connection and communication are the tenets to create a safe space for people to come together and be vulnerable and authentic with one another.

  • Partnership with Men

    Set up a foundation for yourself so that self-care becomes second nature to you instead of something you feel guilty about.

  • Loving Our Children

    Your inner child desperately wants you to hear her. She wants to be heard because at some point, she felt dismissed, misunderstood, or ignored. Now is the time to listen to her.

  • Completion & Celebration

    You can celebrate all aspects of yourself … in all your dark and light. Celebrate the tremendous value you’ve received from committing to the sisterhood and how much you’ve accomplished in 12 weeks.

Join Us Sister!

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