Sistership Circle Level 1 Certification Agreements

After completing How to Lead Circle, you’ve learned not only how to lead, but also how to be in circle. You’ve had the visceral experience of what it’s like to be vulnerable, authentic and lean into the sisterhood for support, connection and empowerment.

By becoming a Level 1 Certified Facilitator, not only are you stepping into what’s next, spreading your wings and being the messenger for this sacred mission of circle, but also being a stand for a way of living, as an embodied divine feminine leader.

This is the what the world needs: more feminine leaders to share the art and practice of sacred circle. This is the essence of our certification.

As you go through the process of Certification, you are going through an initiation, or rite of passage, into this way of life.

The agreements are designed as a guide for this way of living, to uphold the integrity of our organization and the way of relating to one another as guardians of this work.

Ultimately, that is what you are as a Level 1 Certified Facilitator: a guardian of the sacred space we hold in our circles AND of the art of living as a feminine leader.

By committing to these agreements, you are committing to practicing this way of living in your life. This does not mean that you will do it perfectly and we understand that. Integrity is simply doing what you say you will do and restoring integrity is simply calling yourself out when you make a mistake and recommitting to that agreement.



I commit to be in integrity with the agreements, which includes restoring integrity when I break an agreement.



As a Level 1 Certified Facilitator, I understand that I am joining a tribe of dedicated stewardesses who are committed to spreading the message of the divine feminine, sacred sistership and circle in the world.

I am both an individual as well as a member of a larger collective. I understand that my actions impact both myself and the collective tribe of facilitators also upholding these agreements.


I commit to the Mission and Vision:


“To give every women in the world the experience of real and authentic sistership where she is loved, accepted and celebrated as herself. Through the sacred sistership, women gain confidence in being a woman, claim their feminine leadership and develop meaningful, deep relationships with other women.”


“Our vision at Sistership Circle is to shift from a patriarchal society to one of equality by empowering the leadership in as many women as possible and creating circles to bring women together to support one another in rising into our full power.”


I commit to creating a Sacred Sistership Culture wherever I go, Holding my sisters to their highest and creating an invitation for us all to rise together.

I commit to heal my own wounds of:

Competition (make myself bigger than you)
Cattiness (gossip, mean girl, judgment, negativity without taking responsibility)
Comparison (jealousy, separation)
Contraction (make myself small, withhold, withdraw, isolate)

By embracing the new model of sacred sistership:

Collaboration (supporting each other’s work)
Connection (leaning in, reaching out, opening your heart)
Co-Creation (bringing our individual gifts and medicine together to co-create something magic)
Celebration (seeing the beauty and brilliance in each other)

As part of the Sacred Sistership Culture, I adapt the motto: No sister left behind

Which means that I do not isolate, ostracize or kick a sister out of the sisterhood because she has been deemed bad or wrong. Instead, I choose to compassionately see the hurt little girl acting out because she is deep down looking for love and know that she is doing the best she can.

The Pledge

When I am feeling competitive, I recognize that there is no such thing as scarce resources as us as sisters. I claim my abundance and self-sufficiency. And so I turn to: how can we collaborate and support one another’s gifts?

When I am feeling catty, I recognize that I have hidden hurt inside and feel the need to project my pain or judgment onto you. I claim my self-worth, radiance and magnificence. And so I turn to: how can I connect heart to heart and recognize we all have our own pain and that we are all seeking love?

When I am feeling comparison, I recognize that we are all on our own journey and there is no such thing as being further ahead. I claim my life experience and trust I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. And so I turn to: how can we co-create on this journey trusting the process of life itself? Cultivate an attribute within myself

When I am feeling contraction, I recognize that I’m feeling not good enough and the need to hide. Somewhere I learned to not value myself. I claim my right to take up space on this planet and shine in my unique beauty. And so I turn to: how can I celebrate your greatness and your brilliance as a mirror my own?


I commit to honor and uphold the 13 core values of Sistership Circle’s Facilitator Tribe:

  • Integrity  We honour the sacred container provided and uphold the circle agreements at all times.
  • Responsibility We each stand 100% responsible for our experience. This means we speak up when we feel out of alignment, letting go of “suffering in silence” and asking for what we wand/need.
  • Accountability We agree to full accountability for our participation. This includes showing up fully, keeping our agreements, being on time and actively engaging in the community via the facebook group, the circle pods and with our (optional) assigned soul sister buddy.
  • Commitment We commit to learning, growth and expansion. We commit to the co-creation and co-leadership of the tribe. We commit to sistership.
  • Vulnerability We give ourselves permission to open and surrender to our reality knowing that this may not always be comfortable. We embrace courage to feel and speak about our emotions and let go of shame. We give one another permission to be seen, loved and held in our vulnerabilities, and we do not console or bring a tissue to someone unless she asks for it.
  • Play We always play to our edge. We let go of playing small. We accept play and pleasure as our birthright and always look for opportunities to play.
  • Desire We tap into, honour, share and celebrate our most deeply held desires. We actively create and seek our dreams and support fellow sisters in achieving theirs.  
  • Authenticity We remain loyal to our truth. This means we agree to unveiling our masks to connect and embody our true essence and authentic expression.
  • Presence With conscious awareness we endeavour to be in our own unique essence allowing ourselves to be fully present and visible whilst being gentle with ourselves knowing that there are times we may find this challenging.
  • Truth We align with one truth: oneness, which can also be called love, letting go of the illusions of fear and separation. We share our withholds with the intention to get back to love and oneness with one another.
  • Trust We trust the tribe. We create a safe and nurturing space for one another and honour confidentiality making sure we never gossip or share names outside of circle.  
  • Celebration We celebrate all aspects of our innate power and beauty including our darkness and our light. We actively seek to celebrate ourselves and each other. We beam one another at the end of each share.
  • Receptivity We remain open and receptive to all that is.

I commit to respect the copyrights of Sistership Circle and understand how to use curriculum and content:

How to Lead Circle/The Circle Experience 12-Week Curriculum

I am not to use the 12-week curriculum or any of its contents unless given written permission by Tanya Lynn via the Licensing Program.

As a Level 1 Certified Facilitator, I can use the Opening Invocation as long as I quote that it was written by Sistership Circle.

Facilitator Tribe Circle Outlines

As long as I am an active member of the Facilitator Tribe, I can use any of the circle outlines provided on the Sistership Circle website.

Additional Sistership Circle Curriculum and Content

I must receive written permission by Tanya Lynn to use any other curriculum or content from Sistership Circle’s website, programs or books (unless otherwise stated).


I understand that Sistership Circle can revoke my Certification at any time for misuse or mistreatment.

Accept the Agreements in the Application

Your next step is to accept these agreements when you fill out the application to become Certified.

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