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Welcome to Business of Circle!

The world needs us to gather the women and lead them in circle so you have a very important job to do! And … we are committed to you getting filled up instead of depleted while you do this sacred work in the world. Which means that you get compensated for all the time and energy you pour into your circles.

In the Business of Circle, we aim to support you in putting together the structure and framework for an ongoing, sustainable business leading circles.

The intention of the program is that you grow your local following and start your first circle program by the end of the program (8-week Awakening or 12 week Experience).

Areas of Focus

For the BOC Program, we are focused on four things:

1) Business Foundation

First, you’re going to learn the basics of the business so that you have a foundation for the rest of your career, no matter what you do

2) Marketing and Branding

Second, you’re going to learn “timeless” guerrilla marketing and branding that includes your messaging, visibility, and the secret to exponential growth so that you can call in women from any town and any platform

3) Sales

Third, you’re going to reframe sales to “connected conversations” and how to share the value so women say yes and commit

4) Money

Finally, you’re going to shift your money mindset and embody the “6-figure Lakshmi Facilitator” so that you are an energetic match for the money you want to make

Your Supplemental Materials


Set Yourself Up For Success
Learn how to set yourself up for success in this program and in your leadership as a facilitator as we take you step by step how to plan your time and energy to effectively get the most out of this program.

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