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Welcome sister!

The intention of Feminine Freedom Method is for you to stand out as an in-demand, industry-leading coach who is able to deliver phenomenal and lasting transformation in as little as 15 minutes. This approach will help you heal yourself and your clients as you get straight to the root of any issue and undo the patriarchal conditioning that’s been getting in the way.


Areas of Focus

We’ll cover:

*The 5 Facets of Feminine Freedom – unlearning the main patriarchal patterns that show up for women

*The nervous system’s activation and deactivation process – with regulation tools to help your client come out of fight, flight or freeze

*The F.R.E.E. Technique – how to use the 15-min hot seat tool during your sessions (and expand it to a full hour session)

*The 3 main release modalities – to somatically help a client move stuck energy in the body

* 12-Week Feminine Freedom Method Curriculum – so that you can systematically take your client through a transformational program where you add in all the tools

And more!

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