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How to Circle Video Course

Welcome to How to Circle Video Course!

In this program, we go through the 12 spokes of circle and how to bring it into your everyday life.

The information is based on the Sistership Circle culture and what we do in our circles.

How to do this Program

1) Step by Step

The program is designed to take you step by step through the process of stepping into circle so it is best to not skip ahead.

2) Pre-Req

We get out of our own way and invite in co-creation and collaboration for our gatherings to draw more women in and create a network of feminine leaders.

Your Supplemental Materials

How to Circle Playbook
The Playbook guides you through applying these 12 distinctions to your life.

Set Yourself Up For Success
Learn how to set yourself up for success in this program and in your leadership as a facilitator as we take you step by step how to plan your time and energy to effectively get the most out of this program.

Course Content

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