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Mastery of Circle Leadership

Welcome To Mastery of Circle Leadership!

Mastery is a 6-month program focused on building your business with *experiences* that sell out your circle programs and create a raving sisterhood community – all while establishing yourself as a well-paid visionary leader.

In this program you will focus on:

Visionary Thought Leader – Get clear on who you are and step into building something so much greater than yourself that you are passionate about and was born to do.

Feminine Leader – Identify, own and clearly articulate the value you bring. Play full out and know that you are a rockstar in the group space who creates massive change.

Transformational facilitator – Effectively guide women through the transformational arc in a program container; this is what you become known for.

How to do this Program

Trust the Process
The program is designed to take you to the root of your suffering and then systematically release your limited beliefs, reclaim your power, and from true self-worth, take action in the world.

There are times when it may not make sense, you wonder why you are doing this work, and you want to quit, run away and hide. Instead, lean into the circle. Trust that you are being given exactly what you need for your growth and expansion. Take a deep breath and stay in the present moment. Allow the process to unfold. This is the mystery of the feminine at play.

Your Supplemental Materials

Set Yourself Up For Success
Learn how to set yourself up for success in this program and in your leadership as a facilitator as we take you step by step how to plan your time and energy to effectively get the most out of this program.

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