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Welcome sister!

The intention of Medicine of Circle is to create (or makeover) your Signature Circle Program: an 8 or 12-week transformational container that brings together your passion and unique skills with circle distinctions.

Your Signature Circle Program is what you become known for, creating a group container that establishes yourself as a well-paid thought leader because you are taking women through a transformational journey that’s more engaged, connected and intimate than any typical group coaching program (boring!)

It’s where you will put together ALL the multiple skills and modalities that you’ve cultivated over the years, essentially creating your signature body of work.

It’s the way you will grow beyond the one to one service model to impact more people in a deeply fulfilling way.

And it’s also where you will grow beyond monthly Sister Gatherings to make more money and turn your circles into a profitable business.

Areas of Focus

For the MOC program, we are focused on 3 things:

1) Signature Circle Program Outline

First, you’re going to put together your program outline with a potent question, visualization and ritual for each week.

2) Offer Statement

Second, you’re going to put together a clear and concise offer statement that speaks to your ideal client.

3) Offer Letter

Third, you’re going to write up your offer letter with a benefit rich bullet statement for each week and all the details for someone to enroll.

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