EP 28: Maria Yraceburu on The Medicine Wheel, Asking the Universe and Facing Your Fears


Maria is the co-founder of an eco-spiritual non profit church that provides traditional indigenous education, healing and spiritual work. She is part Native, and shares with us her journey of integrating her identity into who she is today. 


She speaks about living within the energy of the planet and the universe, how to face your fears and what it means to be courageous. This episode invites you to be curious about how to live within the flow of life’s energy and find inner peace. 



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“You can’t help people with anything, unless you experience it first.” – Maria Yraceburu 


“To heal or change the situation, you only have to find the smallest thing that can be changed and it will change everything.” – Maria Yraceburu 


“A person has courage when they have this sense, and ability to stand and look their own fear in the face.” – Maria Yraceburu 


Listen to Episode 28, as Maria Uncovers:


[2:12] How to Recognise Fear

  • She grew up learning the difference between visions that spirit guides sent versus fears creating shadow. 
  • We’re in a phase of history she calls the time of soul sickness. 
  • We’ve stopped having faith in ourselves and feeling like whole and valuable people. 
  • She believes that if you want to know what to do with your life, look at what you enjoyed doing as a child. 
  • Trust your gut – how does it make you feel?


[8:43] Growing Up in a World Where Magic is Normal

  • She was born in California and then went back to the reservation at an early age. 
  • She started talking to Nikia, her totemic guide for her family, in her crib.
  • She shares what having a twin flame or soulmate means.
  • Nikia guides and takes care of her.


[12:36] Living in Harmony

  • To communicate, you need to take the time to figure out how to do that. 
  • You can communicate with anything, all you have to do is believe you can do it. 
  • She believes that before you’re born into a lifetime, you’re creating a scenario of events. 
  • Her daughter is a doctor and her son is a medicine man. 


[18:12] Medicine Wheel

  • She works with a medicine wheel and teaches people how to regroup themselves through three stages. 
  • She teaches how to reclaim your inner child, that communication is something outside of a human being and that life is a ceremony.


[20:20] Identity

  • She believes there are only three voices that matter in life – your own voice, and the voice of your sacred parents. 
  • She won’t allow certain energies in her life and has a bucket ritual she uses for functions. 
  • Standing in who you are and your boundaries is important, and so is compassion and tolerance.  
  • She speaks about how to deal with triggers and anger. 
  • She shares about her history with drug addiction, abuse and struggling with integrating her identity. 


[26:25] Rites of Passage

  • She was awarded a PhD in Eco Psychology. 
  • When she started working with her psychology instructor and counselor she felt there was no celebration of growth or rites of passage. 
  • She shares about the rites of passage from her community that lets a child know that it’s valued right from conception. 
  • The planet needs to know that we have returned and that we celebrate mothers and their unions with their children. 


[32:43] Inner Peace and Healing

  • It is not dependent on the world outside of us. 
  • The more of us that can find inner peace, the more we’ll be able to outward peace. 
  • Our biggest sabotage right now is experiencing something and going back to our past to understand it, instead of observing it and asking, what is this?
  • The most important aspects of healing are the most subtle ones, as they’re the ones that last. 


[35:50] Time and Slowing Down

  • Time is based on how fast we think it’s running. 
  • Wearing your watch on your left arm means time is running you. When you wear it on your right side you’re making time work for you. 
  • We now feel every minute has to be filled up with something otherwise we’re not accomplishing something. 
  • You have to pick and prioritise how you spend your time, carve out time for self nurture, and decide what’s important to you. 
  • Choose where you spend your money wisely and do your research. 


[40:00] Being in the Flow of Life

  • She accomplishes each day, what it would take seven people to accomplish. 
  • She has timelines for all her work, according to the medicine wheel, and knows what day that energy falls on. 
  • Working this way gives her flexibility to incorporate other things. 
  • She works with the energy of the land, seasons, and cycles. 
  • Relax and ask to be shown what you need to be doing, watch and listen to the signs. 


[43:10] Non-Interference Practice 

  • You can not do anything for someone else unless they ask you. That’s how they give permission for you to work on them or with them. 
  • If you try to without permission, you’re not allowing someone the growth opportunity to ask. Asking is ownership, it’s acknowledging something bigger and assistance is provided. 


[49:12] Being Brave

  • Defines being brave, as being courageous. 
  • Courage is when you have the ability to look your fear in the face. 
  • You should never have to prove yourself to anybody, other than yourself or your sacred parents. 
  • Challenging yourself to go one step further out of your comfort zone and standing in who you are without other’s influence. 
  • Fear is our best friend, as long as it’s not out of control. 


Power Quotes from the Show


“When you have a new experience, [you want] to go to the past and interpret it. Instead of giving it a second, observing it and saying, what is this? And then being shown something entirely new. That’s our biggest sabotage I think right now is the temptation to react the way we used to.’ – Maria Yraceburu


“The reason I’m saying slow down is we have reached a point in our society worldwide, because of electronics, that we feel every minute has to be filled up with something, or we are not accomplishing anything. We feel we’re behind. No, you have to determine you cannot do everything, you have to pick and choose what really resonates with you because that’s what’s going to work.” – Maria Yraceburu 


“Relax and ask to be shown. And when they give it to you, then go do it because the rest of the time you’re wasting your time and it won’t work anyway. And you’re going to get frustrated. So relax, watch and listen for the signs.” – Maria Yraceburu


“You can not do anything for someone else unless they ask you. That’s how they give permission for you to work on them or with them.” – Maria Yraceburu 


“It’s important to be generous, but you have to be generous without expectation, which means if I give you something, I did it because I care, because I can, not because I expect anything back from you.” – Maria Yraceburu


“We should never have to demonstrate our courage or bravery to another human being. Like I said earlier, the only people you have to really prove yourself to are the sacred parents and yourself. And if you’re feeling secure within that, you’re probably doing the right thing.” – Maria Yraceburu


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About Maria

Few people know more about the world around them than Maria Yracébûrû, the oh-so Holy Aunty.  Her knowledge cannot be learned in any university, however – it’s hardwired into her system by the generations of her family who have lived on this sacred land for thousands of years.  


You’ll find her at ruins and sacred powerful healing landscapes, where she works as an earth spirit guide with Yraceburu EarthWisdom, her family’s foundation.  Hiking through trails leaving offerings, she points out things that you’d normally never recognize. “Stand here and see what you feel; the energy can help you to build your power and heal.  And there, there’s your confirmation…see the hawk circling just as you are complete in your connection; it’s a good sign.”  Maria has been trained by her family to tell you more about the spirit of this land than any book learning can.


Her Website: https://www.yraceburu.org/ 

Her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EarthWisdomSD/ 

Her YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGzhTxpTI3QPzvl02nmrgbQ 

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