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Master Facilitator
Sun, May 19, 2019 | 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm ACST | Adelaide, SA 5000 | $20

Connect with the Divine Mother

Do you ever experience guilt, shame, or fear around shining your light and being successful?

Do you find yourself seeking approval and wanting to please others?

Do you feel like you are constantly helping everyone else at the expense of your own desires and needs?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, the root underlying cause is probably …


What a loaded word.

It brings up so much.

Especially during the month of May when we “should” all be celebrating Mother’s Day.

Pain and frustration with our own mothers.

Guilt and shame around not being a mother.

Pressure to be the perfect mother.

The self-sacrificing mother.

The virgin mother.

The PTA mother.

The all forgiving mother.

What if SHE wasn’t actually what society thought SHE was supposed to look and act like?

What if we got to redefine for ourselves who and what MOTHER really is?

What if in this new definition, we could unlock the fullness of WOMAN inside ourselves and access the divine feminine in all her beauty, radiance and power?

In this month’s circle, we examine how we were told to be as women, how the concept of mother has potentially limited us, and let go of all the “shoulds” that have held us back from our connection with the divine feminine.

You will leave feeling more deeply connected with the DIVINE MOTHER, wrapped in HER unconditional love, acceptance and care.

Come to circle and experience:

MEDITATION – to connect with your little girl in her innocence and nurture her

MOVEMENT – to embody your joy and freedom to be who you truly are

INTIMATE – sharing with sisters so you feel held and supported and connected with the divine feminine

RITUAL – to reclaim your own definition of mother that feels empowering regardless of whether you have chosen to have children

CEREMONY – to peel off the layers of “shoulds” and soften into the divine mother’s tender embrace

It is in sisterhood that we heal our lineage and reclaim the divine feminine within. It is in sisterhood that we remember the truth of who we are as women and deepen into self-love and acceptance.

Together in sisterhood we are stronger.
Together we will change the world.

Space is limited … Save your seat in circle for this transformational experience that will uplift, inspire and empower you.

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