Welcome to the Facilitator Tribe!

Congratulations for taking this step into your feminine leadership. We are building an incredible community of women who are up to making a difference on the planet … and the best part is, we don’t have to do it alone.

Facilitator Tribe Benefits

6 V’s CurriculumEach month, we cover a topic to help you uplevel your leadership: Vision, Value, Vulnerability, Visibility, Voice and Vitality.

Private Facebook GroupThis is the place to connect with the tribe by sharing your celebrations and challenges.

Facilitator Tribe Quick Reference Guideget all the links and details in one place.


Facilitator Pods:
In January and July, you will have an opportunity to create your pods.  These are self-led groups so you can also practice co-creation and collaboration while deepening connection with your Sisters.

We want to invite you to step into the practice of maintaining sovereignty within community, through the practice of creating your own pods and committing to being in connection with your Sisters here in the Facilitator Tribe.  This is an opportunity for you to have a breakthrough with Sister wound, and practice taking the initiative.

We also want to remind you to really drop in to what will be aligned for you when creating your pod.  Watch Tanya’s live here for some more information on creating your pods and what to do when creating them.

To get started, please fill out the forms below.

You will stay with this group for the first 6 months of the year, then you will have the opportunity to change things up as we have our next wave of HTLC Sisters join Facilitator Tribe

2021 Pod Questionnaire


Activation Circles for Leaders:

We come together as a community to activate our superpowers with the cycle of the moon, doing ritual and sharing our hearts with one another. We infuse the Monthly Circle themes so you feel familiar with the energy to embody for your own Circles.

These will be led by Tanya & Natasha along with a co-creation team of members and are open to the public. These calls are an opportunity for you to step into a deeper embodiment as a leader.  To practice holding the energy that the Circle container requires for us to go deep and develop your facilitation skills.  Add your name to the spreadsheet to be part of the co-leadership team HERE.


New Moon Activation Circle: Creating intentions.  This activation Circle will be an opportunity to plant the seeds you desire to grow in order to have a breakthrough in your Circle leadership.  We’ll be weaving the theme from the current months Circle outline. (for example, last week we did Holding Feminine Mystery)


Full Moon Activation Circle: Release and Illumination.  In the Full Moon Activation, we’re going to guide you through clearing and making space, so you can activate the archetype for next month’s Circle theme within you.  When you embody the archetype that lends their energy to your Circle, you are able to share your story of growth and reclamation that took place in your life.  This is great to weave into the marketing of your Circles! (for example, next week we will hold the archetype for Feb circle outline, the lover)

To register for these Circles, follow this link: New and Full Moon Activation for Leaders


Marketing of Circle:
Each month we will release a new marketing module to support you in marketing your Circles and programs.  You can find this in your programs dashboard in the member area.


Quarterly Trainings:
At the Solstices and Equinoxes, join us for a mini virtual retreats, where we work with the seasonal elements.  In these trainings we  will dive deeper into business and facilitation training.

We will also be co-creating deeper conversations on relevant topics in the community.

Each of these trainings offers you an opportunity to also step further into your leadership and lead elements of these calls.


2021 Calendar:
We highly suggest marking these dates in your calendar and committing to showing up each month to get the most value!


Monthly Circle Outline:

Each month we have a new theme for your Circle and provide an outline that you can lead for your community.  There are no practice Circles for these outlines, so we encourage you to practice with your pod or other facilitators within the tribe  OR you could attend another Sister’s Circle.

These outlines are provided alongside memes and the event copy, to support you when you market your Circles.  Remember, your story and your voice will always be the most powerful when it comes to marketing your Circle.

We are working on preparing these at least two months in advance for you.

When you post your Circles before the beginning of the next month, they will be included in our monthly email that goes out to our email list.


Discounts on all Sistership Circle Products/Services:

use coupon code mem_disc


Email Notifications

You’ll receive a weekly email labeled {Facilitator Tribe} in the subject line. You will also receive the Sistership Circle Newsletter.


Questions, Feedback & Support

Your voice matters! We are co-creating this tribe together and so we want to hear from you to make this the best possible experience. Direct all inquiries to support@sistershipcircle.com. 

We honor you, sister for your courageous action in stepping into your leadership and we look forward to being on this journey with you. See you in the Facebook Group!

In gratitude,

The Sistership Circle International Team

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