Guest Audio & Video Checklist

6 Fast (Important) Steps | Zoom Video Podcast Guest:

1. *You will need a USB microphone.

2. *You will need a STRONG WiFi connection. *Ethernet is preferred for the Skype interview.  

  • Please close all apps and connections to WiFi during the interview.
  • A STRONG internet connection via Ethernet cable is recommended if possible, and will ensure a clean, clear, and intimate audio episode free of gaps and cut-outs.
  • You will receive the Zoom link for our call

3. You will need a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted.  

  • Background noise from planes, humming refrigerators, air conditioners, and attention-hungry children (or employees) are all the enemy of good audio.
  • Avoid rooms that are echo-y or have lots of hard, flat surfaces.
  • The optimal environment would be a small room with carpets, heavy curtains, and other soft surfaces that deaden reflected sound.

4. *You will need an HD Camera on your computer or laptop.

5. You will need to use ear earphones (or your Logitech headset) during your interview.

  • That way Tanya’s voice will go straight into your ears and won’t be picked up by your microphone, avoiding a “feedback loop.”

6. *You will need to look your BEST.

  • This is a video podcast and we want our audience to see you in your best light. This includes whatever clothing, lighting, and background items best represent your brand and voice. **Please be mindful of this for the video.**

**iTunes and facebook report over 75% of listeners will opt-out of all future episodes that contain poor audio and video quality. 

7. Make sure you fill out the form with all of your details here:

Questions? Email support (at) sistership circle (dot) co

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