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The Book cover of "Open Your Heart: How to Be a New Generation Feminine Leader"Open Your Heart: How to Be a New Generation Feminine LeaderOpen Your Heart: How to Be a New Generation Feminine Leader

Open Your Heart:

Dive Deep into the 6 pillars of a new generation feminine leader and the power of holding the feminine container for the world.


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Discover how to be the leader who inspires change in the world. Discover how to open your heart, tell the truth and change the world. A must read to help you fall in love with yourself, your sisters and the world. A must read to step confidently into leading your life from your truth. A must read to live your life on fire + on purpose!

About the Author

Tanya Lynn is a “strategic activator” — gifted at coaching women to soar to new heights by putting together a plan that maximizes their talents and strengths and taking bold, courageous actions to fulfill on their intentions.

Tanya is the visionary CEO behind the international organization, Sistership Circle, a worldwide sisterhood movement empowering women to step into their true beauty, brilliance and boldness as feminine leaders. She started training facilitators to use her proven 12-week Circle Program based on her bestselling book “Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader.” She is also the author of “How to Lead Circle.”

She is a respected leader in the industry from clients and colleagues alike because she’s the real deal, living and breathing her work.

She believes that the new model of feminine leadership is not about hierarchies of power but about circles of collaboration. For us to become true leaders, we must embrace our sisters as our allies and give one another permission to shine.

How will we sustain this planet for our children?

Women, it is up to us. The divine feminine is rising and calling our names. It is our time to take care of the great mother, our earth. To respect, honor, and nurture Her. And the best way to do that is to take
care of ourselves. This is an inside job. Coming home to ourselves, the feminine. Respecting, honoring and nurturing ourselves.

This is the new generation feminine leader.

She trusts despite being burned, hurt and shamed.
She takes a stand for her freedom by no longer suffering in silence.
She receives graciously and allows the process to unfold.
She understands the power of being present in the moment, listening to her internal guidance.
She knows that her beauty and strength lies in her vulnerability, asking for help and accepting contribution from others.

A new generation feminine leader has no apologies for displaying her raw emotions, no fear of being seen, and no shame in expressing her voice.


Are you ready to step into your feminine leadership and make the difference you were born to make?

In the book that started the Sistership Circle global movement, you will learn the 6 pillars to being a new generation feminine leader, the guiding principles of creating and belonging in real tribe, and the power of holding a feminine container for the world.

  •  Practice exquisite self-care so you are giving from an overflowing cup instead of draining your energy.
  •  Tap into your sexual energy and express your orgasm.
  •  Own your worth simply because you were born.
  •  Co-create magic with the divine and with other feminine leaders.
  •  Be part of a movement greater than yourself.
  •  Heal the sisterhood wounds within yourself and with the women in your life.
  •  Lean into your tribe even when you feel like hiding.
  •  Give up your grudges and create partnership with all the men in your life.
  •  Become a sacred stewardess for the next seven generations.
  •  Rise up into your power and invoke the goddess Kali to take action for what you believe in.

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