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History Timeline

January 2009 – The first Women 4 Wellness event in San Diego. Tanya Paluso brings together 30 women to talk about Abundance.

January 2010 – Women 4 Wellness meets The Total Female Package. Tanya and Novalena Betancourt partner to put on the Tribal Truth launch party in downtown San Diego, starting a membership to attend monthly gatherings.

May 2010 – The first Sistership Circle meets. Tribal Truth member, Stephanie Armstrong, asks Tanya to create an intimate weekly accountability group. 12 women gather every Wednesday morning for 12 weeks. Additional circles start forming because the concept is so popular.

Feb 2011 – June 2013 – Tribal Truth spreads. Tanya trains tribe leaders in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver, New York, Las Vegas, and London to start Tribal Truth membership in their cities.

March 2014 – Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader becomes a best-selling book.

Feb – May 2014 – Tanya uses the Open Your Heart book as curriculum to beta test the new and improved Sistership Circle. The first group co-creates the overall structure.

November 2014 – The Sistership Circle Festival attracts hundreds of women to watch Sistership Circle live streamed. The first Facilitator Training starts.

April 2015 – Sistership Circle Australia and Houston start.

July 2015 – The second Facilitator Training starts.

Sept 2015 – The Second Annual Sistership Circle Festival is held in San Diego.

November 2015 – Additional cities launch Sistership Circle.

January 2016 – Sistership Circle hosts the Feminine Leader Activation Summit.

August 2016 – The Facilitator Tribe Beta Membership launches.

March 2017 – Sistership Circle hosts The Art of Sacred Facilitation Summit.

April 2017 – First annual 3-Day Feminine Uprising LIVE brings together 50 women in San Diego.

April 2017 – The Facilitator Tribe Membership launches.




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