Tanya Lynn, Visionary & Founder

Tanya is the visionary bringing the Sistership Circle mission to life and has been facilitating, coaching and leading groups of people since 2006. She co-founded Tribal Truth in 2010 and created women’s communities all over the world including California, New York, London and India. She wrote the books Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader and How to Lead Circle. She recently started raising her own little new generation feminine leaders, Kali and Summer.

Brent Kozlowski

Brent Kozlowski, Tech Guru & Co-founder

Brent is the genius behind the automation, systems & technology at Sistership Circle. His supportive masculine has transformed Tanya’s vision of “Women’s Circles Everywhere” into an organization with a framework to support women creating their own circles across the world. An entrepreneur at heart he started his own journey on the internet with his first company MyDayRegistry.com in 2008 and has since developed numerous businesses from the ground up through web and brand consulting.

Sharlene Belusevic, Facilitator Tribe Director & How to Lead Circle Trainer

Sharlene is devoted to a life of contribution and service to women who are ready to be real, refreshed and radiant. She loves being a women’s life coach, a women’s circle & workshop facilitator, a vegan & macrobiotic cook and a macrobiotic consultant.

Her passions include teaching women how food, in all its forms (especially food, sisterhood, & transformative communication), can be used as a gateway to the divine and as a means of aligning with one’s true nature.

She is currently leading monthly & 6 week circles & workshops in Peterborough and Cambridge in the UK, as well as leading virtual circles and managing the Facilitator Tribe Membership and is a How to Lead Circle Trainer.

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Peta Bastian, Facilitator Tribe Director & How to Lead Circle Trainer

Peta Bastian is a multi-passionate woman who holds a degree in Nursing, is a certified Reiki Master, Circle Leader, Essential Oil Educator and Wisdom Storyteller. As the Founder of the Essential Devas Tribe she supports women to connect with their intuition through the ancient wisdom of dōTERRA Essential Oils. Joining Sistership Circle International in 2014, she is the Australian Founding Member, Circle Facilitator, Tribe Leader and How to Lead Circle Trainer. Peta feels a deep calling to hold space for other women to experience true Sisterhood and is committed to embodying and teaching the Feminine way of Collaborative Leadership.

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Kerstin Weibull Lundberg, How to Lead Circle Trainer

Kerstin started her career in the early eighties as one of few female leaders in the IT Industry, with an MSc in Industrial Engineering and a MBA in International Marketing. Her competences lead her to many different management, leadership and consulting assignments from board level to operations in large International corporations. 

After almost 20 years in the industry, she realized something was missing. While committed and passionate about her work, she found an imbalance between using her masculine and feminine energy, and struggled to inspire herself and her team.  

She started her personal transformational journey to become an inspirational leader, and was certified as an ICF coach in 2003. Finding alignment at last, she went on to inspire more than a thousand leaders to take the next step in their leadership.

Her own leadership was furthered questioned by her own horse, giving her instant feedback without judgment on her lack of presence and pushy leadership style. It took a horse to show Kerstin the strength in being a vulnerable leader and to lead from her heart.

What is unique with Kerstin is the way she elegantly blends her experience from the industry with her enormous interest for nature and animals. With the use of clear understandable metaphors she creates a safe space to talk about feelings and what really matters.  She teaches people to “lead yourself and others with ease and grace.”

In horse-assisted coaching sessions, Kerstin invites her clients to meet a herd of horses to get new perspective on their leadership. Since 2007 Kerstin has trained 60 horse-assisted coaches and facilitators as partners and had approximately 900 participants in leadership and team training workshops with horses. Together with her horses, clients and partners, she has developed the ALIVE Leadership method during the past 10 years.

She now leads circles in Sweden as well as online in addition to training facilitators in the How to Lead Circle 12-week Program.

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