Tanya Lynn, Visionary & Founder

Tanya is the visionary bringing the Sistership Circle mission to life and has been facilitating, coaching and leading groups of people since 2006. She co-founded Tribal Truth in 2010 and created women’s communities all over the world including California, New York, London and India. She wrote the books Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader and How to Lead Circle. She recently started raising her own little new generation feminine leaders, Kali and Summer.

Brent Kozlowski

Brent Kozlowski, Tech Guru & Co-founder

Brent is the genius behind the automation, systems & technology at Sistership Circle. His supportive masculine has transformed Tanya’s vision of “Women’s Circles Everywhere” into an organization with a framework to support women creating their own circles across the world. An entrepreneur at heart he started his own journey on the internet with his first company MyDayRegistry.com in 2008 and has since developed numerous businesses from the ground up through web and brand consulting.

Sharlene Belusevic, How to Lead Circle Trainer

Sharlene is devoted to a life of contribution and service to women who are ready to be real, refreshed and radiant. She loves being a women’s life coach, a women’s circle & workshop facilitator, a vegan & macrobiotic cook and a macrobiotic consultant.

Her passions include teaching women how food, in all its forms (especially food, sisterhood, & transformative communication), can be used as a gateway to the divine and as a means of aligning with one’s true nature.

She is currently leading monthly & 6 week circles & workshops in Peterborough and Cambridge in the UK, as well as leading virtual circles and a How to Lead Circle Trainer.

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Natasha Daubney, Facilitator Tribe Director

Natasha has a passion for supporting women to reclaim their power and come back to living in a way that allows us to be both wild and untamed and live more harmoniously.  Valuing our connections to the Earth, our Wombs and our Sensuality.  She shows women they CAN create a life that holds space for their desires to be met through powerful embodiment rituals and movement.

When she stepped into Sistership Circle, her world shifted dramatically and she was able to recieve powerful support and healing.  There is incredible value and importance in women coming together to do this transformational work.  With over 10 years experience working with women in the health and wellness industry, welcoming this ancient process and feminine wisdom has been the most potent piece of the puzzle.

Let her guide you to reconnect with who you are and reclaim your birthright as a women: a life that lights you up and is led by your wild soul.

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Teresa Mallott, Facilitator Tribe Guardian

Tree is a lifelong learner, daughter of the stars and of Mother Earth, spiritual coach, warrior goddess, and healer. Her deepest work has been re-connecting to her heart and re-membering who she is. Her greatest passion is journeying with others as they do the same.

Tree discovered the power of gathering in circle with other women when she found Sistership Circle. She was working to heal her alienation from the feminine and to learn to embrace the divine feminine within and without. She began to long for a connection with others who shared this intention, and a Google search later landed her in the Sistership Circle Facebook group. After watching from the sidelines for a while, Tree made the decision to step in to circle facilitation and joined the How to Lead Circle training program. This step changed so much for her and has led her on a path of personal growth, deeper connections with other women, and greater confidence as a leader.

Through Sistership Circle, Tree is realizing her long-held vision of gathering women together in sacred circle; a place where women come away from the rest of the world, turning from their commitments and responsibilities to others, to focus on their commitments and responsibilities to themselves. In circle each woman is invited to allow herself to be seen, heard, and witnessed; without advice or analysis offered; without being asked to explain or defend her sharing. In circle each woman receives and gives nurture, love, and respect and, having drank deeply from this well of sisterhood, returns to the rest of her life renewed, empowered, encouraged, and connected. What powerful transformation will be possible on this planet when women gather in such a place!


Jai Belton, Facilitator Tribe Guardian

Dr. Judith Belton (known as Dr. Jai) is a Master Facilitator with Sistership Circle, Somatic Coach and Trauma Recovery Coach with an earned doctorate in Pastoral Psychotherapy. She has designed her life to be the version that serves a higher good for all. Her decades long professional accomplishments in special education, addictions, mental health, and trauma informed practices all rely on her ability to assist in a client led process developed through her authenticity and empathetic listening. She loves a good joke, laughing, dancing, being near water (lake, stream, ocean or bath tub), and being with family and friends. Most of all, Dr. Jai enjoys circle work that creates a sacred container of love and trust to support each sister’s journey. This foundational framework is evident in her coaching programs and circle work designed to hold space for women to heal the sister, mother and father wounds that might prevent a woman from standing in her true feminine power. “No sister left behind” is Dr. Jai’s favorite phrase, backed by a wholehearted approach to supporting women. You can also catch her reading, crafting, visiting museums, researching artifacts, taking pictures, and interacting with women across the globe. She’s particularly excited about the development of her Healing Collectives that are based on Sistership Circle’s framework of sacred space and empowering women. “I’ve spent, as I am sure others have, a part of my life living according to the negative messages that I received from early childhood and other trusted adults. I’d like to think they didn’t realize the magnitude of what they said but when I made the decision to reclaim my power and feminine essence all I had to do was come back to my heartbeat.” My natural rhythms and I have reconnected: I’m not tied to a specific outcome and have fully embraced all of me: “the authentic me.” Not having biological sisters, made me build my female support group from a young age. These women have watched me laugh, cry, held me up, supported and encouraged me and celebrated with me. This all done from a place of loving support. Disconnection from who we are often begins in our childhood and we can spend the rest of our lives trying to be who we think others believe us to be. I have designed my life to be the version of me that serves a higher good for all.

Rae Ireland, Business of Circle Trainer

Rae Irelan is a multi-faceted creator, visionary entrepreneur. She blends cultural influences, sacred instruments, healing modalities, improvisation, and the arts into her unique programs, events, performances, productions, and leadership style.

She is the founder and CEO of The Goddess Fest, a weekend boutique campout of 300+ people who gather to celebrate mother earth and those who “dance” on earth. Rae founded the worldwide online women’s personal develop and support groups; Global Goddess and Creative Vessel Leadership Program. She has been published in 3 books, produced many dance/music shows and events, recorded 3 albums, and tours nationally with her SD Music Awards 2017 band, The Moves Collective by the young age of 25.

Rae enjoys traveling to connect and collaborate with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s around the globe. Her mission is to bring awareness to art and culture appreciation, holistic health, community growth, and sustainability to engage and inspire future generations to create magic in a globally connected society while living to their fullest potential and following their dreams.

After completing Mastery of Circle Leadership and successfully bring circle distinctions into her work and owning her worth in a major way, we invited Rae to bring her magic as a trainer in the How to Lead Circle 12-week Program.

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Kelsey Arsvold, Sister Support

Kelsey Lorynn weaves together tarot, astrology, mindset, and intuition to help others on their path to spiritual ascension. As a circle facilitator, she embodies the sacred energy of the Priestess and holds her circles within the safe container of Unconditional Love. Nova’s mission is to empower women to embody their sacred selves, discover their potential, and live their purpose. She is an INFJ, 4/6 Projector, Aquarius sun, Capricorn rising, Taurus moon, and a lover of all things involving sound, vibration, and music. She is a mother of one, and a sister to many.

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