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28-Day Aphrodite Initiation




How do we tap into the energy of the Aphrodite Archetype in a way that serves our mission tastefully and with class?

How do we bring forth the essence of Aphrodite while marketing ourselves without feeling like we are selling our sex, or while leading circle without intimating other women?

How do we, as powerful feminine leaders, tap into our sexual energy and channel it to create our desired purpose-driven business?

How do we become juicy and magnetic in our sensuality — feeling absolutely beautiful and electrified in our skin — without shutting down or intimating the women we serve?

And how do we create more juicy pleasure for ourselves and the women we serve that feels liberating instead of guilt-laden?


In other words, how do we initiate the Aphrodite archetype to support our sacred facilitation work so that it becomes more juicy, magnetic and magical?


It’s time to unleash your goddess power, Aphrodite’s specifically, and let the world know who you are and what you are up to!

For 28-days, devote yourself to a feminine spiritual practice (also known as a Shakti Sadhana), immersing in ritual to invoke Aphrodite’s energy.

You will receive an email each day with the daily practice or inspiration to awaken this Goddess energy within you and keep you on track.

The practice includes movement, music, myth, poems, images, recipes, mantras and embodiment activities.


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