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8 Wheel of the Year Circle Outlines



Are you a women’s circle facilitator who is looking for done-for-you outlines to celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year?

Imbolc (Feb 1) – $47 value

let go of the past, clear out the old and make space for new beginnings. 

Spring Equinox (March 21) – $47 value

celebrate the magic of new life, rebirth and possibility. 

Beltane (May 1) – $47 value

honor the divine feminine, open fully to our fire and passion and declare what we wish to bring into creation. 

Summer Solstice (June 21) – $47 value

celebrate and honor the divine masculine, and reflect on the qualities you need to embody for deep, personal transformation.  

Lammas (August 1) – $47 value

Fall Equinox (Sept 21) – $47 value

celebrate the abundance, joy and blessings in your life as you prepare for the change in seasons. 

Samhain (Oct 31) – $47 value

honor our ancestors and those who have died, to tune into their wisdom and discover what we can take, honor and glean from our lineage. 

Winter Solstice (December 21) – $47 value

reflect and release any darkness from the winter months and look forward to the things that bring us hope, faith and joy in our lives.  


8 Outlines with rituals and sharing prompts

Marketing materials to use on your event page and social media

Total Value $376


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