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“I’m All In” Circle Deposit

For leaders ready to become known as someone who can facilitate massive breakthroughs for the entire group … and deep, lasting transformation … while maintaining depth and intimacy.

Yes, Tanya and Sistership Circle! I’m ready for the all inclusive 10-month journey to go beyond the ‘beautiful sister gatherings’ and elevate above the noise to make a bigger impact in my community and the world at large, where I’ll learn the skills that the best facilitators in the biz possess to create potent containers the feminine way.

I’m psyched to create *transformational experiences* that sell out my circle programs and create a raving sisterhood community by leveraging the Sistership Circle Business Model and joining forces with you, the team and the members of the All In Circle.

Together over the next 10 months, we’ll create (or make over) and then optimize my business model with three key components…

Program Asset – I have guided a group through my Signature Circle Program and refined it, nailing the transformational journey that my clients go through (making them raving fans) and turning it into a turnkey asset that I can run over and over again.

Messaging – I know how to speak about what I do in a way that inspires and empowers women to say yes to my programs and distinguishes me as a thought leader

Sisterhood – I am actively creating my inner circle of sister leaders to support me and my business, embodying collaborative co-creative leadership that makes everything more rich and fulfilling because I’m not doing it all alone.

PLUS… I’ll cultivate my feminine leadership so I’m showing up congruent with my thoughts, words and actions. I am someone who women “know, like and trust” as the “real deal.”

I’m ready to cultivate:

Empowered Vulnerability – I’m able to effectively transform my own mess into medicine and deliver it to my participants. I lead with my heart wide open, without collapsing or embodying the victim archetype. I artfully share with vulnerability, which inspires and empowers my clients.

Depth – I have the opportunity to practice the skills of “going deep” so I’m always prepared for any resistance or conflict my clients’ bring. Nothing feels too scary to face.

Feminine Freedom Method – I am able to guide clients through a trauma-informed and body based healing practice, as well as use this methodology for myself so that I am running my mission based business from the feminine – setting healthy boundaries to feel more relaxed, at ease and spacious in my work (because I have shifted out of old patriarchal patterns).

I’m excited about the journey flow and how we’re going to roll together:

Level 1 Certification ($2497 value)

First, I’ll be immersed in How to Lead Circle (April – June) where I will start my first monthly circle in 90 days or less, opening my heart to my intimate circle of 10-12 women as I practice co-creative leadership while developing trust with the circle medicine.

Coaching Certification ($2997 value)

I’ll supplement circle work with 1:1 coaching by becoming a Feminine Freedom Method practitioner from May to July, so that I can take a client deep into the root of what holds her back from expressing herself without worrying about retraumatizing her.

Level 2 Certification ($2997 value)

I’ll also step into the Medicine of Circle container (either spring or fall) to get clear on who my ideal clients are, identify my unique medicine, write the outlines for my Signature Circle Program, and craft my Offer Letter.

Level 3 Certification ($7500 value)

Once that is complete, I’ll go on a heroine’s journey in Mastery of Circle from August to January to face the “tough” stuff like navigating big personalities, big emotions and trauma that shows up in the group space, and all the nuanced tools and skills to guide women through a transformational process in circle.

I’ll have the option to join the Mastery Potency Retreat ($1997 value) during the summer, covering only cost of accommodation and food, so that I can meet my cohort in person, overcome fears of visibility and unleash my feminine power.

At the perfect time, I’ll launch my Signature Circle Program with a strategy that matches my goals, personality and capacity, whether that is a Virtual Summit, in person event or 1:1 conversations.

I’ll continue to stay connected, supported and held accountable to reach my goals in the lifetime Facilitator Tribe membership ($997 value) … so that I am ALWAYS a Sistership Circle Facilitator.


As a treasured Rise participant who says YES and makes a deposit before 11:59pm PST on Monday, March 18th, I’ll be gifted with an early sign-up rate for 2024 and a super-sweet payment plan for the “I’m All In” Circle.

Here’s my special rate and payment plan:

First, you’ll gift me with spaciousness to complete all the programs between now, March 2024 all the way thru January 2025!

PLUS… while for most of your clients, the normal investment of $18,985 is reduced to $12,718, which is pretty sweet in and of itself)…

… to make it even easier for me, you’ll spread the program investment over 12 months – making my monthly payment just $1111 for the entire time I’m in the program.


I can start with a deposit of $497.

From there, my payments are automagically charged 30 days apart. 12 payments total,
including deposit, with the last payment in January 2025.

Or I can pay in full for $9,997. (That’s a total savings of over $2700 OFF.)

CLARITY NOTE: this is a 10-month program, followed by lifetime access to Facilitator Tribe, where I continue to have access to The Activation Calls, Pod Calls and special Mastery Graduate calls FOR LIFE.

With savings applied, there are 11 payments of $1111 plus the $497 deposit, or if you’d like Pay-In-Full, you can do one single payment of $9,997.

I understand that my deposit is fully refundable within 7 days. I will set up a private Welcome Call with Tanya (or trainer), to review my all inclusive benefits, set my intention and powerfully claim my commitment by signing the “I’m All In” Circle Agreement.


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