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Beltane Circle Outline

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This time of year is when we celebrate the abundance of rich and fertile earth. The theme for this holy day is fertility. It is when Mother Earth opens up to the fertility god and their union brings about healthy livestock, strong crops and new life.  

In this month’s circle we’ll honor the feminine in our lives, tapping into the fire and passion within each of us, and sharing what needs to be birthed into Summer. 

We’ll gather in circle to share about the women that have impacted our lives, we’ll create a symbol of their feminine energy and honor our own femininity. We’ll share, craft, move and meditate with our sisters. It’s going to be magical.   

Come to circle and experience:

* INTIMATE SHARING with sisters to honor our mothers

* RITUAL to create a symbol to honor the feminine in our lives and represent the chakras

* MOVEMENT to express our fire and passion within

* MEDITATION to tune into our creativity and identify what needs to be birthed

* RITUAL to set intentions for our hopes and dreams


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