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Embodiment of Circle



The Embodiment of Circle Video Course is a complete course that dives deep into staying consistent with your circles. We dive into the 6 V’s to help you soar: Vision, Vulnerability, Vibrancy, Value, Voice and Visibility. We will identify and clear out what’s holding you back so you feel more self-expressed in your authentic truth.

If you want to expand your circles, you have to become more visible and put yourself out there. But this starts from within. The more that you can reveal yourself IN circle, in other words, the more vulnerable you are, the more you can stretch that edge outside the circle.

In the Embodiment of Circle Video Course, I teach you 8 steps to become more vulnerable, how to create a powerful share that will inspire others, and how to cure your “vulnerability hangover” as we call it when you feel you may have overshared.

This has been one of the number one confidence boosters for our facilitators. By practicing vulnerability, our facilitators have felt like they reclaimed their voice and what they have to say matters.

And this is just ONE of the things that you’ll learn with this course. 

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have sold out circles month after month like so many of our other Sistership Circle facilitators?

Imagine the joy and excitement of feeling in your purpose and making the difference you were born to make.

Imagine the community you’ll start building that will nurture so many women, including yourself and think of that beautiful, safe, sacred space you’ve always wanted.


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