Empress Archetype Activation



Are you ready to own your inner Empress?

The Empress archetype is the woman who stands in her sovereign power. She is a voice for good. She rules her empire with grace and poise. She leads her people with love and compassion. She is a mother-queen, a seductress at times, and a warrioress.

She is the community builder – magnetic, charismatic and visionary.

She knows who she is.

She stands firmly in her knowing.

Ego dissolved into humility, grace and purity of heart.

Empowering, not powering over.

Her power comes from her open heart, open because she trusts so deeply and is not afraid of being hurt.

Her heart cracked open and she became a vessel for infinite love to flow through her, to give and receive, to serve and be served.

Draw upon the empress to become deeply rooted in your being, no longer trying to prove yourself capable or worthy, and step into your power and build your empire whether this is leading your household, a business or a movement.

She will teach you:

That sovereignty is your birthright and you have full permission to cut out any and all obligations.

That your heart cracked wide open is access to your capacity to love more deeply and be of greater service to humanity.

That when you let go of trying and instead just be in your full presence, you will walk on the path of abundance, prosperity and fulfillment.

That there is no competition, no pedestals, no hierarchy, only an exchange of energy.

This activation is designed to have you reconnect with your sovereignty, come into a deeper place of trust within yourself and Gaia to allow the abundance to flow, and open your heart to expand your capacity to serve from love.

Included in this 13-page package:

* Visualization – The Empress of Ancient China (audio mp3 + transcript)
* Ritual – Reclaim Your Domain (audio mp3 + transcript)
* Meditation – From Release to Connect (audio mp3)
* Empress Medicine Bag, Affirmations and Images
* Bonus Guest Mentorship with Jade Egg Expert, Saida Desilets


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