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Fall Equinox Circle Outline

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In this month’s circle, we’re celebrating the end of summer, and beginning of fall (autumn). 

We’re reflecting and celebrating all that we have achieved, the harvest that we have sown, the abundance in our life, and the gratitude we have for ourselves and each other. 

We’re looking ahead, ready to gather our resources and fill ourselves up with what we need for the winter season. 

A woman who recognizes the impermanence of life, and of her circumstances, can release that which is no longer serving her moving forward towards all that which will bring her joy, abundance, and blessings in her life. 

Come to circle and experience:

* MEDITATION to drop into your heart and reflect on all that you have sown throughout this year. 

* MOVEMENT to allow all that no longer serves you to be released from your body. 

* INTIMATE SHARING with sisters to reflect on the resources you have in your life and how you can take those forward into the winter season. 

* RITUAL to feel gratitude and count your blessings for all that you have.  

* VISUALIZATION to ask for what you need from the Universe to feel resourced and ready for the next few months. 


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