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“Hold Feminine Mystery” Circle Outline & Marketing Materials



The Mystic is the one who is open, there is no resistance within her whatsoever, she moves through the in-between spaces with ease.

She is, in fact, the holder of mystery.

She is the gateway to the divine.

The portal to cosmic, universal truth.

The channel for spirit to come through

Often in our lives we want to release things – especially in circle and we often have many shares where we want to release.

When we only focus on releasing, there is a subtle sense of being in judgement of it.

And in that desire to release it we separate ourselves from it.  We let go of the opportunity to cross a threshold by moving through our resistance and transmuting it into our power.

As women, when we practice allowing, we begin to create more and more opportunities for our growth and evolution.  And as it goes beyond what “makes sense”, it invites us back to living through feminine mystery.

The feminine, in her utter most expansive expression, is unconditional, she is allowing.

It is time we tapped into this skill as women and give reverence to the power of feeling in order to allow.

At this month’s circle, you will learn how to connect with your heart and practice holding the energy of allowing, supported by the Mystic.

Join us as we awaken the potency of holding the feminine mystery.

This circle outline includes:

✨ MEDITATION to open yourself to infinite love and gratitude

✨ MOVEMENT to open yourself up to the mystic, through heart and soul

✨ INTIMATE SHARING to connect with other women and transmute your experiences into your power

✨ RITUAL to empty out and make space to be activated as a divine channel

Also included is:

  • marketing materials for your event page and social media
  • a video where you can experience a virtual circle being held with this outline
  • outline in Word document so you can edit and add time stamps and other notes


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