How to Lead Circle: 7 Principles to Lead Circle (eBook)



Get access to our proven structure so that you have women engaged, connected and wanting more. It has worked for our facilitators and will work for you, too.

In this ebook, you will learn my secrets to lead your circle and also:

  • Balance “masculine structure” with “feminine flow” so that your circle doesn’t fall apart but also maintains its magic
  • Create safe, sacred space for women to go deeper with one another so your circle doesn’t stay superficial
  • Gain confidence in your leadership by leading from your intuition and trusting your inner knowing
  • Receive from the circle so you don’t burn out and get depleted from over-giving
  • Get support to fill your circle, which is the most difficult part for women and what may be holding you back from getting started
  • Learn powerful listening tools that will elevate the consciousness of the group

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