How to Lead Circle (with Tanya)

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I’m SO excited that you’re called to join How to Lead Circle – Advanced with Tanya.

Here’s the story…

I’m bringing together a select group of high-achieving coaches-healers-practicioners-therapists and showing them exactly how to grow their community with perfect-fit people by weaving circle work into their current business. 

Facilitating engaged and connected group programs is a key skill to establish yourself as a well-paid thought leader.

Putting together the multiple skills and modalities that you’ve cultivated over the years into your signature body of work.

Growing beyond the one to one service model to impact more people in a deeply fulfilling way.

These are the women who want to create beautiful sister gatherings for support and connection, AND also want to take their business to the next level by facilitating transformational group “circle” programs that go deep.

What’s the Difference between a Sister Gathering and your Signature Circle Program?

Sister Gatherings are the typical women’s circles that meet for 1-3 hours, just like most events, classes or workshops but with an emphasis on sharing and listening to each other’s experiences.

  • They are one-off, meaning there is no ongoing commitment. 
  • They range in price from $5 – 100
  • While they can be transformational simply because of the power of women coming together, their primary intention is to gather women for connection and sister support.

Your Signature Circle Program, on the other hand, is a long-term container typically 6 – 12 weeks long and meets weekly. 

  • It’s a group program utilizing circle distinctions and sacred ceremony to take women on a transformational journey that has a specific intention and outcome (could be wellness, sacred sexuality, finding your voice, or relationships, to name a few examples).
  • Because of the commitment, they are priced higher, from $100 – 1000. 
  • Your Signature Circle Program integrates multiple modalities to guide women on their journey, customizing the circle program to your body of work.

There is a place for both and each has a specific intention inside your business. 

A Sister Gathering is a great way to bring women into your community and give them a taste of your work before committing to a long-term program. 

Your Signature Circle Program is where women are getting results, becoming the work that you are known for. This is why it is key to establishing yourself as a well-paid thought leader. 

For example, I lead “The Activation: New & Full Moon Circle for Leaders” as my Sister Gatherings, and “How to Lead Circle” as my Signature Circle Program. My body of work is women’s leadership and circle facilitation, and I have become a thought leader in the women’s circles movement.

The outcome of the How to Lead Circle – Advanced with Tanya program …

During this 12-week program, you’re going to learn everything in the How to Lead Circle Level 1 Certification to properly hold space for a Sister Gathering (and get your first one started in less than 90 days) …

PLUS we take it a step further, hence why it is an Advanced group. Since you already have a business, you and I will also hone in on how you will grow your community with your Signature Circle Program

This Signature Circle program will integrate 1) what you are already doing in your business, 2) any new modalities that you have been trying to figure out how to weave in, and 3) circle distinctions and sacred facilitation.

You’ll also walk away knowing …

  • How to integrate both regular “sister gatherings” and your transformational “circle program” into your business to create a value ladder
  • The intention and outcome of your signature circle program based on your unique medicine so that it feels aligned, inspiring and heart-centered
  • The messaging that will enroll your current clientele into this new circle program that speaks directly to their needs and desires, as if they have been literally been waiting for it
  • The power of your vulnerability and how to open your heart in an authentic way that gives women permission to go deeper in your container
  • How to stand out amongst the noise of “circles” and “women’s empowerment work” by being the real deal embodied circle leader who creates an authentic space
  • How to create rituals and bring ceremony to the container to make it safe and sacred while also not being overly woo if this feels new and edgy to you
  • The power of circle coming from your own visceral experience of going deep in my Signature Circle Program as an example of what’s possible for you to model and make your own
  • BONUS: Plus I’ll show you how to have an enrollment conversation that includes the 5 essential pieces that will have someone say yes

All with a conscious, supporting and loving sisterhood who has the capacity to hold you in this upleveling so that you can open yourself up to receive in a whole new way you never thought possible (which means more support and income coming your way).

Here’s what I know:

When I launched my 12-week circle program in 2014, it became the foundation of my community. Women talked about it to their friends and it became easy to fill every time I offered it. The monthly gatherings naturally became popular as a result. It became a beautiful cycle.

More importantly, it became the stepping stone into the next level of my leadership, teaching women how to do what I did, leading women’s circles.

When I put all the parts together, I was able to grow my business beyond what I thought was even possible.

I became a well known international thought leader in the women’s empowerment space.

If I could do it, you can too. The key is in making it your own, doing the sacred work you were destined to do. Sharing your unique medicine with the women who need it.

It can be scary to transition and shift your business, creating something new. But if you know that this is what’s next, and you feel it in your bones that you are ready, being held in a supportive container will give you the boost to get it created and take action.


I don’t have a big audience? Am I ready for this?

As long as you have an existing client base (1 to 1 work), and you have been running a successful business for a while, you don’t need a huge social media following or even a big email list. We will show you how to offer your Signature Circle Program to your current clients, and then grow from there.

What are the requirements:

We have 3 requirements to qualify for this group:

  1. Must have a business with existing clientele base
  2. Have done spiritual work – you are self-aware, take personality responsibility, and understand what a container is. You aren’t a newbie.
  3. You are willing to do the work and stay the course, even when it may feel uncomfortable and resistance arises. Because this is an initiation into your next level of leadership.

How is this different from the regular How to Lead Circle program?

The focus of How to Lead Circle is to start your first monthly circle gathering in 90 days (by the end of the program). These are led by our certified trainers.

The focus of How to Lead Circle – Advanced with Tanya is to do that PLUS have your Signature Circle Program defined and ready for launch. This is the only group led by Tanya.

You’ll receive all program materials for the regular How to Lead Circle, plus bonus materials and calls with Tanya specifically designed to create your Signature Circle Program.

When does it start?

The program starts the week of April 3rd and ends the week of June 19th, 2023.

What time are the calls and are they required?

The calls will be every Wed at 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST / 6:30pm London / 5:30am Melbourne and last for 2 hours.

The calls are required as they are an important part of becoming an embodied circle leader. We hold a firm boundary on this and will ask that everyone sign an agreement before the second call.

What if I miss a call? Will it be recorded?

You can miss up to 3 calls total. We ask that you watch the recording before the next session if you miss.

What’s the refund policy?

We have a sister promise that if you show up at the first call and realize it’s not for you, then you can get a full refund. After the second call, you will no longer be eligible for a refund.

What’s the Investment?

Let’s do some basic math for a second … 

If you enroll 8 women into your 12-week Signature Circle Program for $500, that’s $4000.

If they pay $997 each, that’s $7976.

One circle a week. Not bad for your first time, right?

If you enroll in the next 48 hours, your investment in How to Lead Circle – Advanced with Tanya is $2697. Plus you’ll receive a private 55-minute coaching session with Tanya.

(That’s $300 off the “regular” investment as my thank you for being decisive.)

You can also choose our payment plan, securing your seat now with your first payment of $997 followed by 2 more payments of $997, thirty days apart.

As a special bonus, you’ll also receive:

>> 1 Hot Seat to clarify your Signature Circle Program intention and outcome so that it feels super aligned with your soul, your clientele and your business

>> Enrollment Training Call to learn the 5 key components of a sales conversation and effortlessly fill your circles

>> Your Transformational Circle Outline worksheet to map out your Signature Circle Program and define the arch of transformation

>> “How to Create your Sister Gathering Outline” Workshop to map out your magical outline and marketing materials

>> Messaging Mastermind to get clear on how to speak about both your Sister Gathering and your Signature Circle Program

>> Access to a Group Chat on Telegram where you can receive my coaching and group feedback/support to really nail your Signature Circle Program – this is priceless!


There are only 10 seats available. First come, first served.


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