Healing the Sister Wound Workshop

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One of the #1 reasons we Circle is to heal the sister wound.

What does that mean?

It means putting down our sword and shield to embrace women as our allies instead of our enemies.

So we’ve got our work cut out for us because we’ve been pitted against each other for centuries as conditioned in our patriarchal society.

How do we heal the sister wound?

By leaning into this conversation in Circle.

On Friday, I’m leading a workshop to help you facilitate this healing conversation amongst women in circle AND heal this wound within yourself.

This workshop is open to all women who want to become leaders in creating a women empowering women culture.

Healing the Sister Wound: A Workshop to Facilitate Healing Amongst Women
Friday June 2
12 – 1:30pm PST

During this workshop you’ll learn:

🤍 4 main ways the sister wound shows up in the collective with the perspective antidotes
🤍 7 ways the sister wound shows up in Circle and how to mitigate the damage
🤍 How to identify where the trigger is coming from for deeper healing
🤍 A powerful exercise to facilitate conflict resolution between 2 sisters
🤍 3 of my favorite rituals to use in your circles to guide women into deeper trust with one another
🤍 The mantra that will change your relationship with women forever

PLUS … a Healing the Sister Wound circle outline to use in your community.

If you want to be a community leader, healing the sister wound is critical to your success.

If you want healthy, empowering relationships with the women in your life, healing the sister wound is essential.

Join us for this experiential workshop.

Looking forward to changing the world one sister at a time with you!


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