Imbolc Circle Outline



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This time of year brings with it the promise of new growth. It is when seeds are preparing to burst and eventually bloom into the fertility of Spring. The daylight grows, pulling us steadily out of the darkness of Winter. We know Spring is coming even as we remain deep in the womb of the Goddess.

For Imbolc, we’re going to be honoring and celebrating new beginnings. We’ll be clearing out the past, casting off the winter months and looking forward to the things that bring us hope and faith in our lives. 

We’ll gather in circle to cleanse, release, move, and share our hearts with our sisters. We’ll be creating something for our homes that honors the themes of renewal, protection and hope.  

In this outline, women will experience:

* RITUAL to purify ourselves and cast off the winter months

* INTIMATE SHARING with sisters to release and shed that which is no longer needed

* MOVEMENT to shake off the winter months and get ready for the new growth of Spring

* RITUAL to create a symbol of hope, renewal and new beginnings

* INTIMATE SHARING with sisters to share our hopes for the future


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