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Inner Child Archetype Activation



This package is for you if:

** are feeling stressed out, in your head, too serious and trying to figure everything out
** are ready to bring more play, fun and joy into your life
** are ready to come out of the closet around believing in fairies and other magical creatures
** want to become your own Fairy Godmother

Invoking the Child within to come out and play first requires that she feels safe to be seen and heard … what is your relationship like with the little girl inside of you? Have you been ignoring her? Have you been allowing her to have her say? Have you created space for her to feel the innocence and wonder of the world or have you let your adult responsibilities get in the way? Use this activation to bring your Inner Child to life and create more play, fun and joy.

What you’ll receive:

Gifts from The Magical Fairy Realm

Inner Child Healing audio mp3 and transcript

Lucky Dip Ritual/Game (to play by yourself or in circle)

The Fairy Medicine Bag

The Enchanted Forest & The Magical Fairy Godmother Invocation audio mp3 and transcript

Guest Mentor Bonus Audio and Video: Invoke the Butterfly Maiden and Aine with Velva Dawn

Guest Mentor Bonus Audio and Video: Integrate the Dark and Light for the Inner Child to Fully Emerge with Lorraine Cohen

Guest Mentor Bonus Audio: Connecting with your Inner Child with Sydney Campos


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