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Lammas Circle Outline

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This time of year we celebrate the end of the harvest season. We give thanks and gratitude for the abundance of crops and food on our table. We honor our ancestors for their years of dedication and commitment to providing food for their families.   

In this month’s circle we’ll be celebrating and trusting that Mother Earth provides for all our needs, and honoring your gifts and talents.  

We’ll gather in circle to reflect on where we feel our needs are not being met, and we’ll tune into the abundance of Mother Earth. We’ll share, reflect, honor, and move with our sisters. With our hands we’ll create a symbol of prosperity and come together in ceremony and sisterhood. 

Come to circle and experience:

* INTIMATE SHARING with sisters about where you feel your needs are not being met

* RITUAL to trust and surrender that you are taken care of and provided for

* MOVEMENT to celebrate and feel gratitude for what we do have in our lives

* RITUAL to create a symbol of prosperity and wealth

* INTIMATE SHARING to ask for what we need and offer our gifts and talents to support our sisters


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