Leap – Advanced Training Event (March 17)



I’m so excited that you’re called to join us for LEAP on March 17 from 9-11am PST…

Here’s what we’re up to:

I’m holding an advanced training for a more intimate group of leaders and showing them the blueprint to grow their community with perfect-fit people by weaving circle work into their current business.

Imagine being able to …

  • Take the leap from monthly sister gatherings that don’t make any money to the next level of group facilitation where you take women on a transformational journey that they value and gladly pay for
  • Bring all of your gifts and skills into one signature group program that you become known for and establishes you as a thought leader
  • Weave beautiful rituals and ceremony into your program that allows the transformation of your work to penetrate deeper
  • Create connections amongst women, healing the sister wounds and establishing real community that sustains for years
  • Share your offering in a way that receives full body yes’s because you clearly articulate the value and intended transformation

If you already lead circles, but struggle to make money, we’ll show you exactly how to craft a long term experience that will give you consistent money income.

Or … if you have a successful 1:1 practice as a coach/healer/therapist, nervous but ready to transition to something bigger and more impactful, we’ll show you how to turn your work into a group format and bring all the feminine magic of circle to make it intimate, connected, and engaging.

On Sunday after the RISE event, I’m going to walk you through the Circle Business Model and how to weave it into your current business, showing you how to structure your Sister Gatherings and Signature Circle Program in a way that grows your community and establishes you as a thought leader.

The result?

Working less and getting paid more.

Because the truth is, you deserve to be compensated for transforming lives, changing the world one circle at a time.

Circle is a way to leverage your time and make a greater impact on the world.

During this Advanced Training, you’ll …

  • Understand how to increase engagement at your Sister Gatherings to feed into your Signature Circle Program by embodying the energetic intention of each one
  • Identify the 8 things you must cultivate to make the LEAP from Sister Gatherings to creating your first Signature Circle program
  • Accelerate the growth of your circles by understanding what creates buzz and the secret to attracting a bigger gathering
  • Learn the secret that has your perfect-fit people sign up without resistance
  • Identify exactly what’s been holding you back from upleveling your leadership so that you take aligned action on your next steps

You’ve been brought to this planet at this crazy time for a reason, with unique codes, gifts, talents and background.

You have unique medicine that people need right now more than ever.

It’s time to give this medicine to MORE people in a way that also teaches them a new way of relating to each other with understanding, harmony, compassion and acceptance.

This is the power of circle.

One to one work doesn’t demonstrate community connection.

Sister Gatherings don’t take people deep enough.

The combo of your unique work with a group circle container is the sweet spot.

And that’s the blueprint you’re going to learn at this event.


Can you explain the difference between a Sister Gathering and my Signature Circle Program again?

Sister Gatherings are the typical women’s circles that meet for 1-3 hours, just like most events, classes or workshops but with an emphasis on sharing and listening to each other’s experiences.

  • They are one-off, meaning there is no ongoing commitment. 
  • They range in price from $5 – 100
  • While they can be transformational simply because of the power of women coming together, their primary intention is to gather women for connection and sister support.

Your Signature Circle Program, on the other hand, is a long-term container typically 6 – 12 weeks long and meets weekly. 

  • It’s a group program utilizing circle distinctions and sacred ceremony to take women on a transformational journey that has a specific intention and outcome (could be wellness, sacred sexuality, finding your voice, or relationships, to name a few examples).
  • Because of the commitment, they are priced higher, from $100 – 1000. 
  • Your Signature Circle Program integrates multiple modalities to guide women on their journey, customizing the circle program to your body of work.

How can I receive a hot seat?

We will ask for volunteers for hot seats so be ready to raise your hand first!

Will I get certified?

No, this is not a certification event. You will learn about the opportunity to craft your Signature Circle Program with Tanya if you want to go deeper.

Who’s a good fit for LEAP, and for learning from Tanya?

Anyone who has been leading circle gatherings for a while -OR- has a successful 1:1 practice as a coach/healer/therapist and wants to uplevel to create a Signature Circle Program, 8 – 12 weeks in length.

Most women who work well with Tanya appreciate her direct, no BS, truth-telling way of coaching, and are open to taking off their mask and getting real.

She’s known as a strategic activator, which means she can see big vision, chunk it down to smaller steps, and get underneath you, lifting you up to take action.

Why Sistership Circle?

Sistership Circle has been training thousands of women around the world since 2016, with 7 trainers, hundreds of certified facilitators, and many products to support women wherever they are in their circle leadership journey.

Most importantly, Sistership Circle’s core values are Embodied Confidence, Co-Creative Leadership, Authenticity, Responsibility and Contribution.

Where and when?

The intensive is on Sunday March 17, beginning at 9:00am PST and ending by 11:00am PST, on Zoom Video Conferencing.

If I can’t make it live, can I receive the recording?

The recording will be available on Sunday afternoon and emailed to all registered participants of Leap.

What’s the investment?

$47 for the 2 hour experience.

Will you run this again?

Yes, we don’t have a date yet, but it will be before the end of the year.


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